Meta Origin : In the IST world, powers mostly come from genetic manipulation by Precursors , turned latent due to solar radiation; often activated by stress. Misapplied Phlebotinum : Avoided, many Metas use their powers for legal gain. Nigh-Invulnerability : With the "Damage Reduction" advantage. Omniglot : The Omnilingual advantage.

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A lot of people never played the Generic Universal Roleplaying System, but buy selected supplements of theirs anyway. With a sourcebook like Supers, the game can be used for character ideas and campaign ideas. The average stat is 10, but the range is between 1 and Having a 6 in a stat is considered crippled or crippling, while having a 15 or more is considered amazing.

The player rolls 3d6 and hopes to roll under the appropriate characteristic. The referee can apply special modifiers—bonuses or penalties—when special circumstances apply. No matter what, a roll of is considered a critical failure. That is, you always fail the roll. A roll of 17 is a critical failure unless you have a 16 or higher in the attribute. When you have a critical failure, the GM can determine that the failure has had a catastrophic side effect. A roll of is considered a critical success.

This page section discusses building a character and how that character fits into a team concept. Otherwise, much of its is basic to superhero role-players and can probably be skipped.

The Powers List The chapter on superpowers, disadvantages, and feats is 40 pages long. This includes 88 separate powers, which tend to be attack and control powers. This list also contains powers like Morph, Mimicry, and Drain. It also contains a few less useful powers like Sense Fish.

Players have their choice of 98 other powers listed under the advantages category, including everything from Growth, Invulnerability, and Resurrection to simple super-boosts to your various stats. These are more descriptors that enhance the effectiveness of already-existing powers.

You only get 5 disadvantages, which list as uncontrolled change, dependency, accelerated aging, vulnerability, and weakness. Players do have their choice of 23 different limitations. Chapter 4 is a 4-page discussion about fighting creatures with more than two arms and prehensile. This includes both tips and guidelines.

This includes a bit of vehicle information, but mostly rules for building gadgets and determining their costs. Most of the heroes are point characters, with one pt adventurer and two point heroes. Most of the sample villains are also at the point threshold, though the game does include a point powerhouse named Blue Demon, who actually looks more like a minion than I would have thought. The Campaign World The book also contains a chapter with a sample campaign world.

This chapter is only 15 pages long, but you also get background material interspersed with the other chapters and in sidebars throughout. Put that together with the heroes and villains above and you have the framework for a larger gaming world. The ideas included tend to be good ones.





GURPS Supers


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