He combines humor, philosophy, personal stories, and up-to-date research in everything he does. One is too shallow and the other is too boring. I use interactive teaching, impersonations, balloons, magic, juggling, science experiments, drama and humor to apply biblical truths to everyday life. I am the father of three kids, and love skiing, volleyball, soccer and watching movies with my wife, Beth. I am indebted to the influence of Moody Bible Institute and Graduate School, from which I graduated with degrees in television communications, pastoral ministries and a Master of Arts in Ministry.

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Godonomics April 30, Imagine the impact of one CEO, company president or leader of leaders having their heart changed with the Gospel. In the blink of an eye, millions of dollars can be funneled into missions, pornography can be removed from entire global networks of stores, and products can be infused with kingdom priorities. In April, he interviews a Tri-Health Administrator who went on a mission trip to Belize, had her heart broken, and came back and found a way to use her network of three major hospitals to donate over ten tons of medical equipment to third world countries.

Another CEO spoke of ways that his products, who reach over five million people per day, are being used to eradicate disease from the world, provide clean water for millions and will save one person per hour by Imagine another business owner who is so impacted by a mission trip that he starts a company that has fed over million starving children twenty years later.

Godonomics outlines the power principles of liberty, productivity, and generosity. This book, published by Random House, releases on July 16, He challenges readers to think beyond red and blue, Democrat and Republican, or even liberal and conservative. National leaders have failed to pull the country out of its financial tailspin because both major parties are working from the wrong text.

For a nation to achieve stability and enjoy lasting economic health, it needs to adopt the economic principles set forth in the Bible. But forces are at work today, even in the church, that seek to enslave our nation in a socialistic system. Hovind holds three degrees from Moody Bible Institute and blogs regularly at beliefnet. For more info, go to godonomics.







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