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Underscoring the importance of this attempt to integrate the Army Engineer Regiment was the number of commanding officers who attended the exercise. Those present were, Maj. William M. Buckler Jr. David J. Conboy, commanding general, th TEC, Brig. Douglas R.

Satterfield, deputy commanding general, th TEC, Brig. David L. Weeks, deputy commanding general, th TEC, Brig. Lewis G. Irwin, brigade commander, th Engineer Brigade, Brig. Robert D. Carlson, brigade commander, nd Engineer Brigade, Brig. Tracy A. Thompson, brigade commander, th Engineer Brigade, Brig.

Jeff H. Constable, brigade commander, th Engineer Brigade. Luis R. Each day of the conference focused on a different theme. Day one consisted of "demand signal," in which representatives of six ASCCs outlined specific needs in their area of operations. With the reduction of the contingency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, we do theater security cooperation operations with those ASCCs to keep our forces trained and ready. Jamie Birmingham, chief of operations, th TEC.

Everyone works in resources constrained environments, said Tribble. The biggest thing we can bring to the table as Army Reservists is the access to the large body of talent of the TECs. We both have over 12, Soldiers each. We have degreed engineers, and we have a variety of different capabilities that we bring to help those ASCCs.

We are here to discover that balance of what we can support with what assets we have available. When the time comes where they have to deploy somewhere they will have that skill.

Walker showed the demand signal that is there, said Tribble. A lot of people had no idea there was that much of a need in that region. All day long the six ASCCs explained that same need was shown. Now that there is more work than there are people to do it, it is exciting because we actually see a need, and we know we can fulfill that need. We look forward to continuing to establish relationships with the ASCCs as we have moved to a regionally-aligned force.

A RAF is a force that has habitual relationships in a given area of the world, said Forte. The purpose is to have long histories in these areas with Reserve Components to capitalize that base of knowledge that will be created because of the region being aligned, so we can be more efficient in the future and create opportunities for engagement.

These engagements help us avoid conflict by creating an understanding. We want the local populace in the countries to see the United States and the Army reserve as a viable organization. Presentations and discussions were focused on understanding the problems in front of the Army engineers of the future.

The reserve component has adopted the plan of using Army Reserve Engagement Cells to project the engineering capabilities of the component. At each theater command level we will have this small cell of Army Reservists that work to coordinate efforts between different government agencies explaining and assisting these organizations giving them access to the Army Reserve and the Guard when it is needed, said Forte.

Discussion was led about how the Army Reserve and Army National Guard components want to keep their relationship strong going forward from wartime engagements into a peacetime mission. Both the Army Reserve and Army National Guard have assisted each other in humanitarian missions and disaster responses. They do have regionally aligned active component brigade, but it only supplies a minimal amount of engineer capabilities, namely sappers.

USARAF needs help with technical, construction engineers, and this is exactly what the solutions forged in the breakout sessions will help them with in the future. This presents great opportunities to work with our ASCC partners.

Being regionally aligned means that across the globe you can have the opportunity for engineers to receive great training. A common trend of this exercise was the take away for the citizen-soldier. What we decide here is going to determine how Soldiers train in the future and where they get to train, said Forte.

A large quantity of their lives as Army Reservists is going to be determined by what we have done here. Our leaders are engaging in exactly the right things at the right times, and they are doing it with the interest of the individual soldier.

It is a direct translation to them feeling like their part of a team, utilizing their training, doing real world type of missions and participating in exercise that allow them to show their skills. Everybody wants to be good at what they do, and they want others to see what they do. These opportunities are real and have real outputs. We are twice the citizens, so we have to balance our professional life and our military life. The event was unprecedented in its occurrence and ambitious in its scope.

Nowhere else in the Army is there a two-star engineer command. We happen to have two of those. The TECs are definitely a relevant part of not only our regiment but also to the Army and the joint force in the nation. We have one regiment, and it is the TECs who are able to bring all that together proving that there is relevance in what they do and more importantly that they will be shaping the future of the engineer regiment moving toward the army of


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