The Reluctant Dom? But I have to tell you about it. It was recommended to me by a fellow book friend thank you T!! Her gentle nudge was all it took. I will reiterate.

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The Reluctant Dom? But I have to tell you about it. It was recommended to me by a fellow book friend thank you T!! Her gentle nudge was all it took. I will reiterate. I even cried. OMG, do you even know how hard it is to sob quietly? So how does a book about whips, ropes, and other stuff make one cry, other than in pain? Kaden and Leah have been married for years, living a typical upper-class public lifestyle. Both attractive, friendly, outgoing and social, Kaden is a successful lawyer, and his wife Leah is a volunteer for many fundraisers etc.

Their private life, however, differs significantly from what their friends and relatives know of them. Kaden needs him for something extremely important, and reveals some very dramatic truths. One Kaden had to learn through trial and error over their many married years. Now, not only does Seth have to deal with the eventual loss of the one person that he loves more than anyone else in his life, he will need to make a major decision for his future.

This could not be real. His brain was not accepting that this was really happening. He knew his voice sounded week, emotional shock creeping in. But she needs things, Seth. I cringed when he cringed.

I gasped when he gasped. Seth was right there with me, and we were both confronting something that we could not comprehend. But Seth had it worse than I did. He actually had to learn to use the tools, understand the signs, the language, the rules. Loved him! Oh boy did he have some issues adjusting. Seth was now forced to learn her emotional voids, her vocal tones, and anticipate her needs before she spiraled too low.

This book definitely touched on issues of control, and… other things ummm… yeah, the steamier stuff. And again, not quite the norm. So yes, overall, despite my reluctance, I did love it.


REVIEW: The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton

Her writing is what pushed me to delve into the lifestyle through a community rather than just dabble through books and on-line Doms. It is so good. Tony is a Dom who is respected in his kinky community. He teaches classes, is a preferred play partner and he is a backup dungeon monitor. Shayla is a woman whose trust has been stomped on. His betrayal makes her question her self-worth and the BDSM lifestyle. Completely vanilla, she takes a stroll on the dark side when her job intersects the BDSM scene in Florida.


Book Review – The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton

Dalton: This is a very well-written book. You have strong, fully realized characters, an unique plot, a romance that is slowly developed and deeply felt, and a solid, believable happy ending. I think you have a lot of writing talent and a good eye for the genre. That said, this book made me feel dirty—not in a fun, sexy way, but in an unclean, depressing, angry way. No miracle cures, no unbelievable emotions, no melodrama.

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