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Weller Manufacturing Company, Catalogue No. From the Company. Report No. II pages, diagrams, quarto. Washington, Government Printing Office, This is a discussion of the results of tests with Zeppelin airships, in which the propellers were stopped as quickly as possible while the airship was in full flight. In this paper the author refers to the theory involved in these tests and to one scientifically interesting fact which can be derived from them and which has not yet been noted.

The chief general question concerning these tests is, of course: Does the negative acceleration of an airship with stopped propellers supply proper data for determining the drag of the airship when in uniform flight?

This can not absolutely be answered in the affirmative, the two phenomena not being identical in principle. It is believed, however, that in this particular case the agreement is sufficient and that the data obtained from the test are the true or, at least, the approximate quantities wanted. The paper contains some theorems concerning the arrangement of airplane wings which are of considerable practical interest.

In particular, it shows the theoretical reasons for the decrease of drag which accompanies all increases in the aspect ratio or lateral extension of a wing.

The efficiency of a given arrangement of wings may be calculated from the formulae derived in this paper. Winchester, land Pipeline Company, Private edition. This is principally devoted to statistics of the production of wells in the eastern third of Kentucky, with comments, especially a discussion of the question of depletion.

Several pages of prefatory matter give details of the oilproducing sands. The locations of the pools are indicated by a map. Oil supply is now such an important question that all exact information is welcome. By Heber W. Youngken, Ph. Philadelphia, P. Youngken has included a vast amount of information upon one of the most important topics of applied microscopy.

The great mass oi crude drugs is drawn from the vegetab! In the naming and describing of the drugs the author follows. The first written enumeration of such materials is that of Dioscorides, compiled about three quarters of a century before the present era. Centuries elapsed before further systematic work was published, it being stated that this was by an Arabian physician in the thirteenth century.

Turning to the matter of the book, after about 30 pages of preliminary information, the individual drugs are taken up and the characteristics of genuine samples are given. The adulterations are then detailed. The extensive use of excellent drawings and photographs adds much to the usefulness of the book. Most of these are presumably the work of the author, with some assistance of others and are very clear and distinct.

In a few cases of sections of stems, the details are not minutely sharp, but always clear enough for recognition. In making photomicrographs of vegetable preparations, the use of a red screen will often be found advantageous.

This lengthens the exposure considerably, but seems to give greater sharpness with ordinary light. It seems to the reviewer that the approximate degree of magnification should be entered with each figure. Every page of the book gives evidence of thorough familiarity with the field, painstaking and persistent study of details, careful selection of data and vivid presentation of all the facts. The book will be of great service not only to the pharmacologist, but to the chemist engaged in analytical work in connection with supervision of food and drugs.

It is one more gratifying evidence that American work is acquiring a dominance in scientific fields. A comprehensive table of contents and an excellent index are commendable features.

The mechanical execution is of very high type. The text is clear and correct. The book is highly creditable to both author and publisher and will find a wide field of usefulness. A Popular View of Electrons and Quanta.

Izmo, pages, 36 illustrations in the text and 4 plates. No index. New York, D. Van Nostrand Company. The theories that matter is discrete and that the ultimate particles are extremely minute, indivisible and indestructible date, in outline, from about five hundred years before the beginning of the present era.



Ganzinger Sci. Shortly after the above publication, pharmacognosy appears again in in a small work by Chr. Aenotheus Seydler entitled Analecta Pharmacognostica. Pharmacognosy is closely related to botany and plant chemistry and, indeed, both originated from the earlier scientific studies on medicinal plants.


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