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Report No. Government Accession No. Rice 1 , Jana L. Performing Organization Report No. Work Unit No. Contract or Grant No. FC It is recognized internationally as a reliable source of aircraft materials data for aerospace materials selection andanalysis. The Handbook is the only publicly available source in the U. Moreover, it is the only publicly availablesource worldwide for fastener joint allowables that comply with the FARs. Security Classif. Air Force.

This document contains design information on the strength properties of metallic materials andelements for aerospace vehicle structures. The electronic copy of the Handbook is technically consistent with the paper copy Handbook;however, minor differences exist in format, i.

Depending on monitor size andresolution setting, more data may be viewed without on-screen magnification. The figures were convertedto electronic format using one of several methods. For example, digitization or recomputation methodswere used on most of the engineering figures like typical stress-strain and effect of temperature, etc. Scanning was used to capture informational figures such as those found in Chapters 1 and 9.

In all cases, the electronic figures have been compared to the paper copyfigures to ensure the electronic figure was technically equivalent. This system is explained in the examples shown below. Variations of thisdeci-numerical system are also used in Chapters 1, 8, and 9.

Example A2. A logical breakdown of the base material by family characteristics in this case, intermediate alloy steels ; or for element properties Particular alloy to which all data are pertinent. If zero, section contains commentson the family characteristics If zero, section contains comments specific to the alloy; if it is an integer, thenumber identifies a specific temper or condition heat treatment Type of graphical data presented on a given figure see following description Example B3.

Specific Property as Follows Tensile properties ultimate and yield strength


MMPDS – A Guide to “Metallic Materials Properties Development Standardization”

Report No. Government Accession No. Rice 1 , Jana L. Performing Organization Report No. Work Unit No.


National Technical Reports Library


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