Professor Bolton is a distinguished engineer who has had a major influence on research in so many areas of geotechnical engineering. An assessment of geotechnical performance must involve ground displacements, and the traditional approach of specifying safety factors is potentially wasteful. In particular, the Limit State Design LSD approach adopted in the Eurocodes is shown to lack objectivity and therefore to be inadequate to the needs of clients and society at large. Improvements were proposed through the adoption of Mobilizeable Strength Design MSD principles in which the designer explicitly considers the stress-strain behaviour of the ground. Central to the MSD approach is an assessment of the possible deformability and strength of the soil that lies within the anticipated deformation mechanism of the proposed geo-structure. Displacements are then calculated by applying the principle of conservation of energy to the deformation mechanism.

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Emeritus Research Interests Using Discrete Element Modelling DEM to clarify the behaviour of granular materials by relating the evolving deformability and strength of an assembly of grains to the elementary characteristics of a grain and of the assembly.

Characterization of the non-linear stiffness and strength of soils in terms of easily measured parameters, by the statistical fitting of algebraic expressions to the data of published element tests. Using centrifuge model tests to clarify the behavioural mechanisms of geotechnical constructions — including shallow foundations, pipelines, piles, retaining walls, slopes, excavations and tunnels — during their construction, normal service, and exceptional loading.

Developing Mobilizable Strength Design MSD , by which the principle of the conservation of energy is applied to simplified deformation mechanisms so as to predict ground and structural distortions. Applying MSD to case studies of field construction and loading for a variety of applications, to confirm its applicability through back-analyses, and to derive dimensionless charts for future design and decision-making. By developing objective tools for the prediction of both the deformation and failure of geotechnical constructions, advocate performance-based design methods which can replace existing methods based on cautious estimates of soil strength and arbitrary safety factors.

Lovell Distinguished Lecture, Purdue University. Key Publications Publications Last updated March Copyright of the papers below rests with a variety of different parties. They are made available solely on the same basis that I would supply a single copy of a paper to an individual. It is up to you to ensure that your use of a paper does not infringe copyright law. Bolton M. Paper as PDF 2,k 2. Paper as PDF 11,k 3. Paper as PDF k 4. Paper as PDF 1,k 5. Bolton in and - available to order from mdb8 cam.

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