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In response to instructor requests, the text includes even more instruction on the key skills of argumentation, critical reading, and research, while linking literature more directly to the newsworthy current issues of today in new "Literature and Current Issues" clusters. Further, they have read widely to identify the most engaging recent fiction, poetry, drama, and nonfiction, and based their new choices for the seventh edition on how well that literature explores issues that matter to students right now.

Making Literature Matter is also available with LaunchPad Solo for Literature, a set of online materials that helps beginning literature students learn and practice close reading and critical thinking skills in an interactive environment.

Features A writing guide and anthology for literature-based composition courses. Prepared by editors whose scholarship connects literary and composition studies, the book integrates a diverse selection of 53 stories, poems, 9 plays, and 12 essays throughout a rhetoric text on critical thinking, reading, and writing and a four-genre thematic anthology of fiction, poetry, drama, and essays.

A comprehensive guide to reading literature and writing arguments about it. Then it shows them how to use methods of argumentation and research to develop and support their own positions on the issues they identify.

Throughout, writing exercises let students try out the techniques they are learning, and student examples model the writing process. A thematic anthology that organizes literary works into provocative issue-based clusters.

Part Two explores themes of universal human interest—families, love, freedom, justice, and journeys. Within these chapters, literary works from four genres fiction, poetry, drama, nonfiction are uniquely gathered in 57 clusters that tightly focus on issues that students can develop arguments about, such as parental negligence, the pros and cons of marriage, and the consequences of punishment and revenge.

Special clusters highlight different approaches to writing about literature. Each of the broad thematic chapters contains five special clusters: one provides documents that place a literary work in cultural context, one presents alternative critical perspectives on a literary work, one takes an in-depth look at the work of one writer, one combines texts from different genres, and one presents literature that delves into current issues alongside arguments on the topic.

Thorough writing apparatus integrated throughout. In addition to contextualizing headnotes for every selection, cluster, and theme, Making Literature Matter includes hundreds of assignments that make every story, poem, play, and essay an occasion for critical thinking and writing.

An appendix shows how to use different critical approaches—such as feminist, reader-response, and postcolonial—to analyze and write about literature. To get the most out of Making Literature Matter, assign it with LaunchPad Solo for Literature, which can be packaged at no additional cost. With easy-to-use and easy-to assign modules, reading comprehension quizzes, and engaging author videos and audio recordings, LaunchPad Solo for Literature guides students through three common assignment types: responding to a reading, drawing connections between two or more texts, and instructor-led collaborative close reading.

Get all of our great resources and activities in one fully customizable space online; then use our tools with your own content.

New to This Edition A third of the literature is new—and notably diverse. New "Literature and Current Issues" clusters link literature to contemporary debates. In response to reviewer comments that students need help seeing the relevance of literature to contemporary life, five new clusters pair a literary work with arguments about a current issue raised by the work.

Expanded and updated research and documentation coverage. Chapter 6 includes more information about beginning and directing research, using sources, and avoiding plagiarism, as well as documentation coverage that reflects new MLA guidelines. Coverage of more schools of contemporary literary criticism in the new Chapter 7. The text allows them to see the profound sense of the different connections that texts have in conjunction with one another and to other branches of study, which is what literature is all about.

The topics of the works allow the instructor to make contemporary connections and help reinforce the idea that literature is important to helping students understand themselves and others. The variety is unmatched.


Making literature matter : an anthology for readers and writers



Psychology in Everyday Life



Making Literature Matter: An Anthology for Readers and Writers





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