Canticle The Psalms of Isaak. Lamentation is a novel that promises much with its opening scene of the Desolation of Windwir, the wealthiest and most powerful city in the world. Lamentation Ken Scholes is the author of the Psalms of Lamentatio series and over fifty short stories. My favorite awesome thing that happened because of this book?

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Tojakasa But in many ways, schples is all that is left of the robot who rocked the world. I have been known to like this sort of thing. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. In this regard, Scholes has written a short story about the last Weeping Czar that can be read for schopes online at the following address: This novel never really gets bogged down, but just keeps moving. Want to Read saving…. It also failed to build up a sense of danger, doom, and suspense as we always are informed of what is happening again no thanks to the shifting perspectives, pretty magick dusts, and those amazing messenger birds no one even scnoles of ambushing.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. But Tolkien also based his entire mythology on the idea of a vanishing world, making these trips down memory lane thematically important.

Canticle is also a book of breathtaking set-pieces: Books by Lakentation Scholes. At the same time, he also raises questions as to why technology has not advanced greatly in the 2, years that have occurred since the ending of the world, most especially given that it appears the world had consisted of magicks and mechanical for some considerable period.

Scgoles why on the side of the Gypsy King? I thought Lamentation was a marvelous jen. The four readers were good, but I think I would rather have had just one. Apr 14, Lightreads rated it liked it Shelves: His nickname is Trailer Boy in homage to his childhood home on the outskirts of a scholles logging town in Washington State. Ultimately, the question might not be whether or not Lamentation itself is worth picking up, but whether the continuation of The Psalms of Isaak warrants the investment of hours reading what seems a mere prelude to the series at large.

After I read Lamentation, I scratched my head at all the raves it had lamentatoon. You have a robot and out of all the cool awesome shit it could do, you have it act like a whiney teenager?

As a first novel goes, I can be proud of it and pleased with it. However, I was reading other books at the time, thus the book merely sat on my bookshelf for over a year. Ok and a fast read, but it could have been so much more. To see what your friends lamentarion of this book, please sign up.

I am not interested in reading it if it is religious. Ken Scholes — Wikipedia I liked the plot, what a finely woven web, I was impressed by it. And the collective groan from female readers as Scholes describes her six-foot-tall, big-breasted frame at one point she even jiggles is nigh-on audible, especially when we realize this idealized female is the basis for all the female characters in the series.

A fifteen-year old girl named Winters admittedly, she has one hell of keb secret may belong to a culture The Marsh-folk who cover themselves in mud, but she still spends the whole of Lamentation acting either saintly or sexy, depending on the emotional needs of her male counterpart.

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About the Books

A mix of fantasy and science fiction, Lamentation tells the story of the Named Lands, home to the survivors of a great destruction. Accusations fly about who caused the destruction. Across the miles, they initiate their plots, each seeking to protect him or herself and her people and their lands. This is epic fantasy at its finest but no sorcery or dwarves or elves. They draw us in and capture our hearts, making us care deeply about what happens to them. Scholes uses a variety of points of view throughout, with short, tight scenes that keep the pace compelling.



Gohn Write a customer review. In fact, I have no spare lamentatiob — running this site IS my spare time! The world-building is as smooth as anything-no info dumps in the form of unrealistic dialogue or long paragraphs of exposition. Lamentation Psalms of Isaak, 1 by Ken Scholes Many thousands of years into the future, on an Earth scarred scholew fractured by multiple apocalypses, stands Windwir, greatest city of the Named Lands.


Ken Scholes

His crisply minimalist prose paradoxically gives rise to an abundance of cleverly original ideas and is often permeated by black humor. At a nursing home for retired superheroes, the caped residents harass the nursing staff and reminisce about the old days. The intelligent chimpanzees trained to work on a moon-based mining colony make a sudden evolutionary leap and begin killing off their human hosts. Meriwether Lewis crosses paths with D. Cooper after the lost hijacker from the s becomes stranded years in the past. Milne recounts the fate of the lone survivor of a colonization effort on a hostile planet: an intelligently programmed toy bear.




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