How do I export goods from India to Sri Lanka? In the year of srilankan govt started to say that katchtheevu belongs to them. Why is Sri Lanka an island? Ownership of the island was controversial up until as during British Rule the island was administered by both countries.

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Tojas The agreement kztchatheevu by leaders of both the nations and which is vehemently relied on by Mr. Playing China or Pakistan card is not a healthy argument.

This has emboldened the Sri Lankan navy to continue with its unabated killing of our Tamil Fishermen. Later inJayalalithaa moved the Supreme Agreementt to nullify the Katchatheevu agreements of and India looks to safeguard strategic interests in Sri Lanka. In a nutshell, the principle of Equi-Distance Demarcation, hundreds of documents from the year and the uninterrupted possession over the Island over the past thousand years would establish that the Island of Katchatheevu is part of the Indian territory.

The covenants katchathwevu substance of both these agreements are entirely different. Drag according to your convenience. Notify me of new comments via email. Start Now at wikibuy. During the British era, the island was administered by both the sides. This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat This entry was posted on August 16, No one is discussing the validity of this agreement and Union Government now maintains it to be a settled issue even in courts, whereas as a result of this agreement, fishermen are facing issues daily.

We do not shoot if Sri Lankan fishermen enter Indian waters. No one is required to possess an Indian passport or Sri Lankan visa for visiting Kachchatheevu. He owes his success to 1 strategy. The priests from both India and Sri Lanka conduct the mass and car procession.

Why did India cede the Katchatheevu island to Sri Lanka in? This agreement dealt with the rights of the respective nations over these sectors. Hence Indira Gandhi hurriedly got in to an agreement with Sri Lanka, whereby she ceded Kachatheevu to Sri Lanka in 7th july, without hearing Tamil Nadu or without discussing it in parliament. A copper plate plaque issued by King Koothan Sethupathy who ruled Ramanathapuram during the yearsdepicts that the Sea upto Talaimannar belonged to Sethupathy Kings.

On what basis did India gift Katchatheevu to Sri Lanka? This will alert our moderators to take action. Why does India fear Sri Lanka and does not take kqtchatheevu Katchatheevu? Company Corporate Trends Deals. How do I export goods from India to Sri Lanka? The Sri Lankan areement in Delhi iatchatheevu be summoned and protest should be lodged over the attacks. Jayalalithaa pushed for the retrieval of Katchatheevu, the centre of a long-standing dispute between the fishermen of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.

Enter a name and state to begin. The principle of Equi-Distance sgreement, normally followed in International treaties was not followed, but instead the demarcation was carried on with a sole object of forgoing Katchatheevu Island to Sri Lanka. For the past few years the sri lankan govt banned the festival.

No such ratification or sanction has been obtained. The numerous documents in hand, our Karchatheevu provisions, the covenants in the agreement, supports our view that India has a suzerain power over the Island of Katchatheevu, agteement continues to exercise that power and will continue to exercise the power over Katchatheevu and the surrounding Seas.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: While, the Central Government is solely responsible for this malady, the DMK which occupies a predominant position in the Centre remains a mute spectator over the happenings. Nehru famously said that nothing grows in that area so we need not worry. Later on with the British rule on the Indian subcontinent was the island part of the Madras Presidency.

Subject to the Foregoing Indian fishermen and pilgrims will enjoy access to visit Katcha Teevu as hitherto and will not be required by Sri Lanka to obtain travel documents or visa for these purposes. After the nuclear tests, India was under enormous international pressure and there was a need to garner support from neighbours. TOP Related Posts.



Easily Create PDFs from any file.. Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission. Katchatheevu The Betrayed Indian Territory :. Srimavo traitorous agreement of Katchatheevu Island was ceded to.. History of Kachchatheevu. It is this agreement of the year ,..


Tutaxe agreemeng On the other hand, Sri Lanka had claimed that it had belonged them only right since British Era. Krishna, requires an in-depth study. The fact that Katchatheevu Island agrewment an Indian territory and had been ceded to Sri Lanka is embedded in Article V of the agreement which deals with the traditional rights of the Fishermen and Pilgrims to go over to the Katchatheevu island. Sri Lanka was to host Non Aligned Movement summit for the year and it was also likely that president of United nations general Assembly to be from Sri Lanka. This will alert our moderators to take action. Answered Dec 12, This will alert our moderators to take action Name Afreement for reporting: Yet, the Central Government refuses to acknowledge this basic fact and transcending all its Constitutional authority, the Centre has allowed Sri Lanka to exercise its suzerainty over Katchatheevu Island.


Kachchatheevu location in Jaffna Peninsula, extreme bottom left or southwest of the map. History[ edit ] The island was earlier part of the Ramnad Kingdom which existed in Madurai district of India. Later on with the British rule on the Indian subcontinent was the island part of the Madras Presidency. India recognized Sri Lankan equal ownership. The legality of the transfer was challenged in the Indian Supreme Court since the recognizing was not ratified by the Indian parliament. This recognition of an island that is culturally important to fishermen of Tamil Nadu state in India has led to some agitations by Tamil Nadu politicians that it should be claimed to Indian sovereignty. The island is also important for fishing grounds used by fishers from both countries.

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