Shelves: This book of science fiction short stories from was not quite what I expected. There are many science fiction writers who have created whole new worlds and galaxies and concepts through a series of novels;. This collection consists of stories from those same authors, dealing with some aspect or facet of the worlds they created. Thus, besides being a great read, these stories are a great introduction to those science fiction novel series that I havent read yet.

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Aug 05, Silverberh rated it really liked it Shelves: Read everything I could get my hands on. Title: Temptation I would highly recommend this collection.

Jul 10, Adam rated it really liked it Shelves: Het vrouwelijk hoofdpersonage krijgt een kind, is geland op een soort aparte heteroplaneet Daarenboven wordt je nieuwsgierigheid over hoe het verhaal algemeen ineenzit of wat na dit tussenverhaal komt aangewakkerd. Published November 22nd by Harper Voyager first published January 1st A heterosexual woman from our time period deals with losing her lover, is trained for officership in a space military, and comes to terms with living in a homosexual future.

Refresh and try again. Overall an essential anthology for me and perhaps a gateway for those new to the genre to pick up a taste for some of the great SF of the recent past. This is set within his Eon series, sometimes called The Way Series. Will be grateful for any help! Why I kept with the series was the development of Ender as a character and the plot development and the fact that Card is a good writer.

David Brin Goodreads Author. This story is a parallel story to his novel The Forever War. Naarmate het vordert en vooral in het laatste stuk wordt het wat simpel en voorspelbaar.

Ideas of freedom have spread, causing riots and rebellion in a society based on racial slavery. It starts in the slums of Istanbul around the same time as the first novel, Gateway. In a review of short stories This book of science fiction short stories from was not quite what I expected. It rambles all over the place, introducing and dropping characters and threads for no obvious reason.

Slavers siverberg SpaceR. All in the space of about 50 pages. Otherwise this again was just an Ok story. This silevrberg a variety that was great and refreshing in such a long book. But Kress is clever to avoid silverberb, and tells a believable story about how real people might respond to muddy situations.

Tragedy — and revenge — ensues. I now know that I can get rid of those other lejano without bothering to read them.

For those who are not familiar with a given series, it gives a quick and easy jumping off point. Enjoyed the novella here, in and of itself. Most 10 Related.


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