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Will she get seconds? One of the big things overlooked was that he was already married. So there we are. This year was slightly different; I was now eighteen and going to the University of Florida in Gainesville. To my surprise, my dear mother offered to drive up to get me.

She said she otherwise would just be staring at the lake, hoping the single large alligator would show his lovely face. My mom got out of the car and gave me a hug. Seeing her for the first time in a new light, I was ever so slightly shocked. Geez, I had a knockout mother! It was like having Jennifer Aniston at 37 as a mom. God, mom looked like Ms. My mother had a blouse on that showed generous cleavage; it was held together by three buttons any one of which was about to pop off.

Her skirt was as short as Ms. Aniston, her legs about as spectacular. We hugged each other, I threw the bag into the trunk of the Audi, and we were off. The wonders of modern communications: we were in touch at least once a week during classes. My beautiful mother Sue asked me if it was okay if she visited Marie, her friend from college who lived in Ocala.

I said no way. It was a fateful moment; we were on the freeway at the Ocala exit. For some reason, some part of me seemed to know better and took the exit. She had just had a baby and apologized for taking care of it as they reminisced. Mom sat on the couch as Marie and I shared a cozy loveseat. She put her hands thru my thick mane of hair then literally patted me down like one of those airport security creeps. This son of yours is some hunk. Your son must get ALL the girls on campus!

My mom had criticized me because I studied and worked out too much. I had to admit to my own mother that I was still a virgin. Marie: "Stand up! She stood up and dropped her robe. She was gorgeous, almost as busty as my mom after the baby with almost as good a figure.

The only trace of the pregnancy were these light blue and green streaks, mostly on her boobs. I think your son and you have a long conversation due. Well, there was the small matter of my own mother being there. Anyway, Marie whipped her robe closed and reached for the baby.

She then sat, opened a gap up top, and placed her beautiful nipple into his little mouth. He noisily suckled. A funny thing happened though. At the same time, the spectacle had its effect on me.

My cock twitched, jerked, rose, fell, rose again, and finally slapped against my flat stomach with an audible clap. At that moment, both women looked at me. Marie: [Putting the baby back down in his portable crib on the loveseat. Marie closed in on my now erect eight inch cock, but then pulled back. Well, she had plans. It just so happens that today is my most fertile time. It would be a shame if some heartless guy saw me after working so hard to lose weight and just got me pregnant again; some heartless guy with a BIG COCK, just pumping his potent seed deep deep DEEP inside of me That long hard cock, that babymaker, would probably plunge inside me, held snugly by my rings of muscle in there.

Finally, the testes of that heartless cad would swell to the size of avocados just before they pumped shot after shot, jet after jet and stream after stream, of thick white cum. That cum would be teeming with his young, vibrant, sperm and so much potential life determined to make a baby. Sure enough, one, two, maybe three of those virile sperm would alight on that ovum before it attached itself to my inner wall.

Unknown to that heartless cad with the big cock, he would have made me pregnant--again. My mother and I listened in rapt attention. As we listened my cock had continued to lurch up and out. Marie was proud of herself and her control of me and all men. She made sure the baby was secure in the crib next to me as I was pulled down to sit next to him.

Then, she swung a shapely leg over me and settled down atop my now fully erect ten inch love pole. God, she was so warm, so tight, so welcoming. She now started bouncing up and down, only gripping me as she hit bottom. When she fell down, it was with her full weight and all the force she could muster. My mother, seated within a couple of feet of us, continued watching. Her eyes teared up, either out of emotion or sheer lust. Within ten minutes, both Marie and I had reached our limits.

With a final crash, she hit bottom, locking her lips on mine. She had impaled herself on my mighty ten inch monument, my mushroom shaped cockhead forced directly inside her fertile womb. I had a lot of love built up; it made for an enormous, unending spend. It took two minutes, two of the best minutes of my life; to fully empty my gigantic load into her incredibly fertile womb. The three of us then sank into total silence. Marie for her part was so played out she was too weak to tend to the baby.

I put Marie back down on the love seat, gently picked up the baby, and put it next to her lovely breasts. The nipples were fully popped and a delicate brown color. Silence descended except for the intoxicating sound of suckling. You can imagine how my dear mother felt throughout all of this. We staggered back to the car to complete our journey home. Thinking of her wimpy hubby and my contrasting mane of hair and hunk-like build, Marie sat down and lifted her legs onto the coffee table, with knees up.

Her short skirt left virtually all of her fantastic tanned legs and demure, soft feet out as a sort of smorgasbord for my eyes. As for that poor, overworked blouse, the third button down the top button closed finally gave way as she slept. I was in total disbelief. We got home and the drone of the automatic garage opener made her awaken. She quickly did herself up and got out. I knew I could break down my mom and get her where I wanted her: on her marital bed, with yours truly and my ten inch babymaker.

God, it was shameful, but at that moment, I had only one thought: to have sex with my own mother Ten days. Well, try as I might, I failed utterly. My mom had that last bit of upbringing, tradition Well, this year was different.

He thought that this little hideaway house would make for a convenient place to fool around. My mother was both angered and saddened. Now he was rubbing it in, watching sports while tanking up on cheap gin with some tart. I saw all this and suggested that mom take a break. Maybe go into the lake with me? She put on an old-fashioned Catalina one piece suit that somehow covered up every scrap of her overwhelming sex appeal.

The water was surprisingly cold. I just took her hand and literally dragged her in. Plus, there was the little matter of the gator. Worried, she clung to me constantly.

Well this was nice but rather dull. But then In the distant center of the lake, there was an island covered in green moss.

Emerging onto the island was the lone gator. Anyone seeing that would high-tail it out.


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