Harold Sightler May 15, - September 27, "Get a little fire in your soul. Ask God to start a fire in your heart. Draw a circle, and get in the middle of that circle, and tell God to set it on fire; then go to the pulpit and burn, preach, and shout! He truly was the one who looked after the widow, the orphan, and others less fortunate than himself. Sightler attempted to spread the love of Jesus where ever he was and in whatever he did.

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Sightler was born in St. The son of an automobile mechanic, the young family was moved by the Packard Motor Car Company from Columbia to Greenville in For more than 10 years, my grandfather faithfully labored at public work, being an example of honesty, integrity, and devotion to his company and his boss. As is the case with any young preacher, my grandfather was searching for an opportunity to preach. He preached street corners, at prison camps and in a small tent. Then January of , a great door opened while my grandfather was still working public work and attending Furman University, The Bright Spot Hour was born.

During this time, , my grandfather left public work, resigned from Mauldin Baptist and took Pelham full time. Mauldin also became a "full time" church at this time. My grandfather expanded the program as much as he could financially but he had to pay for the radio time, just as we do today.

In , Mr. Horace Jones died of cancer, who from the very beginning of the Bright Spot Hour sang on the program. This was a blow to my grandfather and the many listeners who enjoyed his gospel singing. An accomplished musician and music teacher, she played from until her death in and more than 90 years of age. Through the vast recorded archive she and my grandfather produced, she will never cease being a part of the Bright Spot Hour.

She was only eleven at the time. My grandmother remained unconscious for six weeks, coming only within inches of losing her life and spent the next six months recovering from this tragic accident.

Through all this tragedy, the Bright Spot Hour continued and prospered, adding other radio stations to its network of coverage. At the same time, he was building a new church, Tabernacle Baptist Church, located on U. In , Tabernacle Baptist Church voted in regular church conference to "assume responsibility of the Bright Spot Hour, so long as he Dr.

Sightler is the pastor. In , my grandfather was hovering at between 15 to 20 stations. By , with the help of the church, the program was heard on about stations from coast to coast.

During this time, my grandfather was praying for God to call one of his three grandsons to preach and thus carry on the work after his death. In the fall of , I began to feel the hand of God dealing with me about the gospel ministry.

I did not volunteer for the ministry and had little interest in preaching. In January of , my grandfather let me speak on The Bright Spot Hour program for the first time to introduced me to his listeners. Then in , my grandfather turned the daily program responsibilities over to me for about 4 months. Of course this was done in view of trying to perpetrate the program, seeing that my grandfather was 79 years old at this time and not in good health.

The Bright Spot Hour has not been of the air since its inception, some 75 years ago. That is a miracle unto itself. We are one of the few dispensational, King James, conservative music programs with a national footprint on the radio in America today.

It is for this reason that we request our listeners to give as they can to keep the program on the air. The only change "The Bright Spot Hour" has undergone is the change of voice.

Our activity, purpose, goal, and desire are all the same. Since , "The Bright Spot Hour" has been on the air for 75 years and we are hoping for the honour to celebrate the th anniversary of the Bright Spot Hour.


Harold B. Sightler



Sightler, Harold


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