Kazilar Saving Midi Files To print the manual completely, please, download it. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Midi Implementation Chart If you modify the first Performance of the 63 available, every time you turn on the WK2, it will power up to the programmed setting. If you want to change the Sound assigned to one or more tracks, first check that the PERF menu function is not selected and that the S.

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Коментари 0 User Interface The large backlit display offers a perfect view of all the operating status and functions of WK2 Oriental. The dynamic keyboard and programmable pitch bend weel reproduce every nuance of your playing technique.

Volume and sustain are controlled by dedicated optional pedals. Generation WK2 Oriental is a 16 parts multitimbral instrument with 32 note polyphony. The internal sound library features sounds included 16 Oriental sounds , and 8 drum kits included 1 Arabic drum kit ; the programmable split and the possibility of layering up to 3 sounds let you create rich and complex sound textures.

Arabic Scale A special section containing 12 buttons lets you select and play scale with microtuned notes as required by Oriental music. Effects processors The WK2 Oriental contains 2 digital processors with 22 reverbs and 22 effects, with controls for the main level plus separate send levels for each track. Sequencer The WK2 Oriental is equipped with a practical sequencer SMF compatible which lets you compose and record up to 7 Song Styles instantly, using any of the on-board styles.

The 8 pre-recorded internal demo songs clearly show you the outstanding sound quality of WK2 Oriental. You can also program and save up to 8 styles. You can even memorize your favourite configurations of sounds, effects, controls, MIDI channels, track status, styles, etc.

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Disk Formatting procedures To be able to read and write data to disks, they must be of a format that WK2 can recognise before being used. Select Styles and play with automatic accompaniments A Style will orriental be selected but you can select another Style in the following manner: Single Touch Play Deactivating bypassing The Effects The Display The Display The WK2 has a large, coloured three colours backlit liquid crystal display of the multifunction type which simplifies all your operations. Store Performance Performances to disk before using restore. What Is A Midi File Styles, the configuration of tracks does not influence either playing mode track 9 is used by the Padsbut if you are programming WK2 for egm as a multi-timbral slave device, all 16 tracks are taken into consideration. Play The Programmable Pads To recap, the possible situations are as follows: How to program the Performances The WK2 contains 63 user-programmable Performances which you can modify to suit oridntal needs. Style, Song, Performance Tables Insert a the floppy disk that contains the file to erase into the drive. Up to 7 Song Styles can reside in the WK2 memory recorded or loaded from disk.


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Most provide lyrics along with professional harmony tracks ready to control the internal Vocal Processor. The dynamic 2-way, 4 speaker enclosed audio system provides superb acoustic reproduction. The control panel offers immediate access to the stunning library of sounds, including 20 drumkits, along with all the main features and functions you could want. Its logical control arrangement along with the back-lit display provides immediately the operating status of the instrument for easy live adjustments. Sound and styles can be selected via the dedicated keypad situated to the left and the right side of the display. Each style comprises up of 5 tracks of accompaniment Drums, Bass, Acc.

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