The plans take you step by step and are very easy to follow. Many color photos as well as drawings and illustrations. The plans take you step by step so you can easily build this motor. Video can also be downloaded as well. This video is loaded with information.

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Watch this space! Thank God for you! It should work even better than the UHMW polyethylene white plastic. I am also going to make a few modifications to raise the efficiency.

And we have went a step further and we added a second motor to the shaft. Made some of it from black plastic. Works very well. Kevin R. Running home as a hybrid system, and saving big money on their electric bills! The test was successful!

The battery stayed fully charged! I now have it hooked up to my home and it is saving me on my electric bill! My wife does not like me experimenting with my Fuelless Engine disconnecting it to the grid , because our electric bill goes up when I have it offline. To totally get off the grid! Hello Rick I just wanted to let you know that we have successfully stopped the house meter!

As you can see we made it all out of plywood. We are very happy with your invention! Well my finishing is not spot on — but hey…i did it all alone.

So, i am running it with a gear motor powered by a 12 volt DC battery. Could you deliver them in about 3 to 4 months time? Many thanks David Bejai. I would like to inform you that I am U. K based and one of the many happy people who have built an over unity working system, which has been powering my appliances. I am NOT an engineer, but I am good at making things, and most of what I have learned has been through this project with Creative Science!

I have a free energy system in place, and it is working for me! Very happy customer! It works just as you have said. I will contact you and tell you a few things I did that might help other customers. Thanks Gerald B. Buckley, WA. Hey, Rick. I just wanted to let you know that I successfully built and duplicated your Youtube video experiment. The motor is running great and it stopped the house meter! I am very satisfied with your device as well as the plans. Paul T. State of Pennsylvania USA Hello my name is Brian M.

The motor and generator I made has stopped the house meter and has reversed it! I use a perpetual loop style method. I have found that electricity can be made into a productive perpetual loop!!!

I am a Scientific researcher and engineer. I like to invent and re-invent things. I have taken your design and made it much bigger and have used aluminum material in replace of the UHMW plastic. I have made the coils much bigger as well. I will give you the specifications in my e-mail. Brian M. Texas USA — Oct. Self Running! Hello Rick I have successfully built your large Fuelless Engine motor! It works great! It will run itself and a 3, watt windmill generator at the same time!

I am using two 12V DC batteries. One to run the motor and the other to collect the free energy from the second cycle of the motor. When the first battery runs low to about The first battery is then recharged using the free energy from the motor. The second battery, which is now fully charged, is used to run the motor. This thing will keep on running and never stop! I also have a 3,watt windmill generator connected to the shaft of the motor to recharge a battery bank. The battery bank powers my inverter to power my home during blackouts.

We get a lot of bad weather down here, including hurricanes! I now want to build a larger motor to power my entire house 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Last year in high school I set out to run my car on an alternative fuel. OL carbureted engine from a Ford Mustang.


Fuelless – HEATER – Plans

This device can also be used to heat hot water to replace your hot water heater! The plans take you step by step so you can easily build this heater. A supply list is included as well as color photos. A copy of the US patent is included. The Fuelless Heater can be used as a stand alone system which can be built right next to your existing home heating furnace using standard sheet metal and a fan blower connected to your existing air ducts, or it can be customized to fit into your existing furnace. This heater really works! Letters from customers.



Your existing thermostat can all stay the same! The only thing that should be replaced is the old heating source, everything else can stay the same. The heat can then be controlled by using your old thermostat, your thermostat can turn the unit on and off as needed or you can use the heater as a room-to-room space heater. Supplies and parts can be found at any hardware store and purchased from the internet See our plans.

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