When used in parallel, the combined impedance is 4 ohms. The internal passive crossover consists of low-pass filter to the in. The system is designed for operation up to Hz in passive mode. The system can also be used in biamp mode by using an active crossover system with slopes of 24 dB per-octave.

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Seeking to make a mark in the low- to mid-priced speaker market, Electro-Voice has come out with the Eliminator speaker series. Features The Eliminator is a two-way cabinet that measures Its narrow front profile is accomplished through a unique design that lets the box maintain substantial internal volume. You can pick it up with nearly any part of the cabinet against your chest — the top, the back, the grille, whatever. At 66 lbs. The carpet-covered box has a stylish, wrap-around metal grille, hefty corner protectors and a stand cup.

The cabinet is tuned to 50 Hz and is made from Roadwood, which is claimed to have half the weight and twice the strength as particleboard. With regards to power handling, EV is somewhat fanatical about its measuring process.

It uses a rating system that more closely resembles the rigors of everyday use. Using random-noise input signals with increased energy at extreme highs and lows and a signal that includes both continuous and short-duration peaks has several claimed benefits.

This rating system is more apt to detect thermal problems as well as mechanical reliability problems related to cone and diaphragm excursion. The result is a conservative power-handling figure. With a rating of W continuous and 1, W short term, this 8-ohm cabinet can take some punches. In use I used the Eliminator cabinets in a variety of situations over an extended period. The cabinets demonstrated excellent durability and sonic prowess. They are surprisingly light, considering their size and power handling capacity.

One of the most telling engagements for which I used these speakers was an outdoor rally in Washington, DC, staged by the International Campaign for Tibet. This event had a crowd of about 1, people and featured traditional Tibetan musicians playing acoustic instruments and a variety of guest speakers, including actor Richard Gere. At this event, I used the Eliminators with other full-range cabinets configured in two point-source arrays augmented with sub-woofers.

As I walked through the dispersion area of the arrays, I found some interesting characteristics. At close range less than 25 feet , the EVs sounded very bright, almost to a fault. At a distance of about 50 feet, however, the Eliminators had superb intelligibility while still retaining good body in the mid frequencies. This proved beneficial when trying to amplify a soft-spoken Buddhist monk for the sizable crowd. When using the Eliminators indoors at close range, I had to reconfigure my system EQ to accommodate their high-frequency gusto.

When amplifying a full rock band, the Eliminators capably dealt with anything my W per channel 8 ohms amp dished out, including full-spectrum kick drum and bass. I was really impressed by the intelligibility of vocals and the punch of horns through these cabinets. Summary The EV Eliminator cabinets are a great value. I found them as sonically capable as some cabinets costing twice as much. If the other cabinets in this line are as competent as this pair, you could assemble a nice PA for a very reasonable price.

In addition to their performance virtues, they are also very attractive. I think they are an excellent buy for bands, churches, nightclubs and even fledgling sound companies. Contact: Electro-Voice at ; www. Subscribe For more stories like this, and to keep up to date with all our market leading news, features and analysis, sign up to our newsletter here.


Eliminator i Sub

The Eliminator i Sub can be used either in conventional biamplified operation or in full-range passive mode with the Eliminator i two-way high-peak output stage system in parallel. When used in parallel, the combined impedance is 4 ohms. The system is designed for operation up to Hz in passive mode. The system can also be used in biamp mode by using an active crossover system with slopes of 24 dB per-octave. The Eliminator i Sub includes a top-mounted stand adapter and an 18" pole mount for use with the Eliminator i full-range system. Safety concerns limit the use of a pole greater than 18" in length under no circumstances should a pole of greater than 18" be used with the Eliminator i Sub. Vented enclosures offer excellent power handling and low distortion in the lowest octave of rated operation.


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Eliminator kW - Call for pricing - Dual inch watt sub Downloads Eliminator kW Specifications pdf The Eliminator kW dual 18" subwoofer is designed to add high-output, high-impact deep bass response to any sound system. Although it is part of the Eliminator i family, the Eliminator kW may be used to augment the performance of any EV speaker system. The Eliminator kW can move tremendous amounts of air at low frequencies thanks to its combination of innovative enclosure design and powerful EV drivers. In the center of the enclosure are large slotted vents optimized for maximum low frequency efficiency.

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