Fenrizil As a component of kumie development of the long-term production plan, it is necessary kmuis carry out an analysis of the investments that must be made in the future in order to invigorate the productive processes for the production and transformation of derivative milk products, such as yogurt and kumis. In terms of production management, the El Cairo farm, as a place for agricultural production, generates products that are only sold on the farm se there is not a unit specifically dedicated to the marketing of the products passion fruit, cucumber, papaya, cachama, eggs, raw milk. This indicator will allow for the evaluation of production growth on the farm, measuring the quantity of products that are generated in each of eaboracion productive systems, focusing on those that have been indicated as having potential eggs, milk, cachama, passion fruit and papaya. A non-experimental methodological design was used, from which a situational analysis of the farm was generated, which was used as a basis to formulate and design a Strategic Management plan for elaborcion five-year period.

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Tojabar The goal at the administrative level is to promote and generate measures that would allow for taking control of the research and generate, in a joint effort with the university, research agendas that would allow for integration with local and regional entities in order to meet the needs of the agricultural sector of this zone.

The benefits or values that could be derived from research and teaching should be noted; they are difficult to quantify because, currently, these processes are practically nonexistent at the branch and research projects directly related to the farm are not being developed.

One of the principal objectives of the management plan being formulated is to maintain organizational efficiency in order to reach the target goals, which makes it necessary to maintain an internal organizational system adapted to the context in which the labor is being preformed.

This paper presents a design for a strategic management plan for the Experimental Agricultural and Academic Farm: It was concluded that the current organization and management plan does not meet the mission objectives of research, teaching, and continuing education, suggesting a need for the articulation of the farm with the administrative and academic structure of the university in carrying out the strategic management plan derived from the current research. For the production of eggs, maintaining the current production system is proposed but in a more intense manner; that is to say, increase the number of hens to fully exploit the production that is found in the spaces that are large enough to increase the animal density elaboraciin the chicken houses.

These three systems are passion fruit, papaya, and cucumbers. From the administrative structural analysis of the farm, it is evident that the administrative management is carried out in a bureaucratic manner and there is not a clear delegation of labor among the employees. Although it is not the goal of the farm to generate a profit, the system results in a negative value because the revenue is very low in comparison with the operational costs and, therefore, in a non-profitable system.

Based on the policies of the SIMEGE that governs the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, the management indices form a fundamental complement to planning, verification and management. Conclusions Currently, the organizational and management model of the El Cairo farm is not suitable from the point of view of the mission objectives of research and teaching.

How to cite this article. Strengthen the farm area for the development of teaching, research, and continuing education activities. The development of the research was carried out in two stages: Understanding that agricultural production success is based on three aspects: In order to achieve the mission objectives, it is necessary to create a new organizational structure that is more flexible to changes and, in which, the articulation of the farm with the branch is guaranteed:.

In accordance with the new mission and vision of the farm, a series of objectives was formulated that will have a 5-year evaluation period and that will continue to be determined:. This indicator will constitute a tool for the evaluation of the regional projection of the farm, reflected in the growth rate of clients and service users and as d result of the implementation of the marketing plan.

As a component of the development of the long-term production plan, it is necessary to carry out an analysis of the investments that must be made in the future in order to invigorate the productive processes for the production and ukmis of derivative milk products, such as yogurt and kumis. Editorial Trillas, Mexico DF. Until now, a silvopastural system that xe a permanent supply of feed year-round has not been established on the farm.

Based on the theoretical models of SallenaveGoodstein et al. Recognizing the difficulties of the papaya cultivation system, the production strategy establishes an increase in the sown area and the construction of drainage systems that would prevent flooding; as a complement to the production system of this crop, the existing nurseries, that are currently not used, could be taken advantage.

Growth of clients or service users indicator. Management plan In organizations like the El Cairo farm, the quality of the management is manifested in the formulation and establishment of proposals that contribute to the improvement of the processes and achievement of mission objectives, fulfilling harmonic articulation between the superior the branch and the productive organization the farm. Management indicators The competitiveness of an organization is related to a management plan that is based on a situational diagnosis that allows for the formulation of corporate strategies that necessarily require a system of evaluation for measuring impact and effectiveness.

Salsa de yogur Create and maintain a work team that is suitable, efficient, and committed to the new organizational elabkracion of the farm. This indicator is used to evaluate and control the sale of products from the productive projects; with this indicator, the growth percentage was analyzed for farm sales over a period comprised of the three years prior to the new operational scheme. Production plan The production plan derived from this research has two components: Taking into account the current conditions and need of the farm, Fig.

With respect to said results, there is a possibility of increasing the cultivation area with tilling in order to maintain a permanent offering and implement marketing and selling ekaboracion with a minimum of two times per week, offering fresh, high-quality fruit. Clearly, it is not the goal of the farm to generate money, so there must be an emphasis on constructing a self-sustaining development model in which part of the operational costs are derived from the commercialization of the products obtained from the research and productive projects.

Derived from this research, a proposed strategic management has been formulated in which a higher awareness of the threats was seen and with advancement towards the formulation of strategies that promote higher competiveness and dynamics in the development of the processes; likewise, more strengthening was proposed rlaboracion regards to the structure of human resources to generate higher productivity and elabboracion in regards to the degree of ownership of the farm workers.

Mejoramiento continuo y proyectos empresariales ganaderos. Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Arauca, Colombia. Related Articles


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