No, those keypads are not compatible with the Transmission of the fire alarm to your monitoring station is delayed for 30 seconds to allow you to cancel possible false alarms. I see I can downloaded a user manual but have been unable to get an Installation manual to default the system back to the original master code. Real Knowledge From Real People. Repeat this test by pressing the [A] key and the [P] key in turn. I read through the topics, and followed instructions to reset this Observe the zone light come ON as each sensor is activated.

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This booklet is available from the US. If you return home and find an alarm has occurred while you were away, it is possible that an intruder may still be on the premises.

The FCC prohibits customer-provided terminal equipment be connected to party lines or to be used in conjunction with coin telephone service. Thanks Logged securitypro Member Posts: See the Trouble Display section in this manual for a description of the different trouble conditions Contact your installer for assistance if manjal trouble condition cannot be located and corrected.

To be certain of the number of devices that you may connect to your line, you may want to contact your local telephone company. If you experience trouble with this telephone equipment, please contact the facility indicated below for information on obtaining service or repairs. My alarm just wails until I pull the power and battery. Your Security System is made up of a control panel, one or more keypads, p various detectors and sensors.

Hi, I have the same problem: The alarm will sound for about 2 seconds. Press the [F] key. Thank you for your response. Needless to manuual I did not get the Master Codes for the alarm system. Any specific install instructions for replacing the battery are appreciated. Can you please send me too the steps and installation manuals etc?

Arm then disarm the panel to silence the signal. It is important to test your system every week. The PC can be programmed at the time of installation to automatically perform a test ddc to the monitoring station on a regular basis. Light dusting with a barely damp cloth should remove normal accumulations of dust.

October 11, My history is very similar to others, just recently move and the house came dxc a alarm panel, I want to program it, dont have installer pin, pc installation manual. These zones may or may not be active on your keypads depending on how your installer has programmed them.

Revise the plan as conditions change; for example, when there are more or fewer family members in the home, or if there are changes to the house. Real Knowledge From Real People. Perform such activities in the off-peak hours, such as early morning or late evening.

I sent you a Private message with instructions for downloading a manual free of charge, courtesy of the folks at The Home Security Store.


DSC PC1550 Manuals & User Guides

Read this manual carefully and become familiar with the operation of your Security System. Your installer will tell you which commands listed in this manual apply to your system. Page 2 break detectors and vibration or shock sensors. When a sensor is in alarm, a keypad light will be on to indicate which zone is in alarm. The "Armed" light will flash as a reminder that the system is armed and has no entry delay. An entry through any zone programmed as a delay zone will create an instant alarm.


Dsc PC1550 Manuals


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