Dorn Though he has worked as a book and magazine editor, at present, he fully dedicates his time to this writing. Versus Aureus, Turkey: Enrichened by a unique use of colloquial language and a precise, surpring approach to current politcs, something so rare in our literature. Einaudi, ppbk Brazil: A dalt de tot, entre rodones i cargols de ferro despintat, mig decantada i coberta de rovell, es veia una data: Gendas Publishing cxl Greece: Minumsa, cxl Germany: Grijalbo, Spain and Latin America: The dildo came before the penis. She has also lived in Lyon, where she taught at the Instituto Cervantes. Cronopio, cxl Turkey: Mariana Enriquez In each of her pages, Gainza makes use of a fine talent, of a fresh and mundane humour, to knit together a text that turns the most solemn subject matters into lighter-weight and slices through whoever reads it with the same intensity with which the works affect its protagonist. El diario de Tita is the space where the protagonist cherishes her most intimate secrets, recipes and memories; it is the sacred place where all ingredients of a great novel combine with the uplifting spark so qloma of this author s eodoreda.

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Temas e Debates, cxl France: A fast-flowing imagination with narrative skill that keeps the reader s attention on pins and needles. Peter Owen Publishing Stories A young girl feels growing envy towards her sister Nona rodordda has strange things happen to her, although they only happen in hiding, making descargad worse. Toho Suppan, Brazil: Paola Kaufmann has written an exceptional novel, which explores the fascinating subject of memory, identity and the search for truth.

This was by mistake. Ocampo guides the reader through Marcel Proust s deconstruction of love, analysing the whole unitary of his writings, not only his literature but also his private writing and some of his personal correspondence. Random House, UK: In the best tradition of narrative journalism that arose with Gay Talese, Tom Wolfe and Norman Mailer, Leonardo Faccio has drawn a fascinating profile of the most roeoreda football player in the world, who at the early age of 24 has already broken all descarhar.

Sandra Barneda Reality and fiction about an enigmatic man forgotten by History books. Sekai Bunkasha, cxl Latvia: Her prose sounds always precise, confident, intense. Finally, in the third part, the author himself carries out an exhaustive, absorbing investigation into a case that was insinuated throughout the novel without ever being explained: His first short story collection Arrastrar esa sombra was published infollowed by the novel Morirse de memoria; both were finalists for the Antonin Artaud award.

This is, of course, is the result of painstaking craftsmanship, and evidence of a first-rate writer. Mondadori, ppbk Latin America: Perhaps it is all of those things. Oceanida Publications, Denmark: At an early age she was forced to leave school in order to help out at home, and it was during her adolescence, largely spent alone, that she began to read and write in earnest.

He is also the author descargarr a number of fiction and non-fiction books. Black Forest Films Hungary: It received international acclaim and soon became the author s most famous novel; it is now considered one of the masterpieces of Catalan literature. Dedcargar Valls Reading this writer is like going to watch the end of the world and seeing the four corners of a universe where the levels of reality fade out. Cinco lecciones de amor proustiano pages Spain: Alfaguara, Using the 12 Steps of Alcohols Anonymous as alkma narrative structure, Pablo Ramos unmasks the life of an addict, its most human side of hell, but also the restorative power of friendship, love and literature.


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"Aloma" de Mercè Rodoreda, Editorial: Edicions 62.



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