The resistors in a CMoy amp that see the highest load are the power supply splitter resistors. Circuit Board Alternatives This tutorial was written around the RadioShack patterned perfboard. Now that RadioShack is out of the retail electronics business, that product is no longer available. However, there are many places to get compatible patterned protoyping boards via mail order.

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Seriously, this is important, because many people will buy a headphone amp for all the wrong reasons. Sure, the volume will be louder — heck, it should be louder — but the true purpose of any headphone amp is to make music sound better at all volumes.

And that brings us to two kinds of quality: hardware and audio. That would be moi. This CMOY amp is already assembled and ready to use. It comes literally in an Altoids Peppermint tin — well, mine did.

There is actually a choice of 6 different tins to choose from. It also generated no heat that I could detect. Molded battery connector 3. Rail Splitter chips for stable power supply The board is attached with double-stick foam tape. To operate, just connect any audio source I used an iPod Classic to the input slot using a mini plug.

Then plug any headphone or earphone into the output slot with a second mini plug cable. Note: Good luck figuring out which port is input and output. So, how good is the going using the CMOY amp?

An important thing to consider is that this amp does not include a digital audio converter DAC. An included DAC would make this a killer product, but the price would rise accordingly.

However the amps on these devices are generally weak. This can be a problem using some larger headphones less so with earphones resulting in lower overall volume. The CMOY amp provides enough power to properly drive these more difficult headphones. How improved the musical experience is largely depends on how good the source is. If used with an iPod or similar device, you will be pleased with the result, because of the better DACs those devices already have. With my iPod Classic, the sound was louder of course , but it was also a bit more defined — if not refined — and punchier.

This simply means that when I adjusted the volume for the quieter parts, the louder parts had much more authority and presence. That alone makes this amp worth considering, especially when used with those larger headphones. In fact, this difference can be even more immediate and dramatic than just a DAC upgrade.

Volume is visceral. Plus, the cool factor pun intended of having a portable amp in its own mint tin only adds to the fun.

HP D2660 PDF

CMOY Headphone Amplifier

After months of painstaking research, you decided to break open your piggy bank for that pair of high-end headphones that you have been dreaming of. But to your greatest dismay, the sound quality was well below your expectation. This was unlike the reviews that you read religiously from headphones-related forums. Not giving in, you dug in and did further readings. You found out that this pair of headphones you bought is actually a high impedance pair.


CMOY Headphone Amplifier review

The degree of customization is quite large, as he quoted some number of possible different configurations. I thought, great! Send me one standard built, and send me another one with some customization on it. One amp was labeled as the stock build, while the other is labeled as a Low-Z low impedance set.


CMoy Amp Kit- A DIY headphone amplifier kit


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