Based on this video: Lyle Mays Chorinho Ernie, thank you for the link, I had already heard choros with this kind of comping, and this is why I was so sure about the transcription, but then when I was shown the printed score, I was doubting I got to believe you are correct about it starting on the downbeat. Lyle Mays waited a long, long time before straying from the Pat Metheny Group lyel issue his first solo album, but when he did, the results were at once removed but not totally untethered to the Metheny sound and feeling. Lyle Mays Chorinho I got to believe you are correct about it starting on the downbeat. Ginell awards the album 4.

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But what put him on hallowed ground in the pantheon of jazz piano greats is that no one since Bill Evans — except perhaps Fred Hersch — had been able to project subtle emotions from the piano so powerfully with such ease. Closer followers of the PMG recognized that Mays was much more akin to Paul Desmond vis-a-vis Dave Brubeck than Tonto in relation to the Lone Ranger, an indispensable partner with chops on par with the iconic leader.

And Mays shows impeccable pacing during his solo spotlight, able to take a hushed mood and pilot it through a shifting group dynamic and multiple chord changes on up to a triumphant arc.

He would go on to make inspiring solos like this for many more years, but this one — when he was just 24 years old — cast the mold. One of the most sorrowful songs ever written, Metheny has stated that it was largely composed on the spot by him and Mays. Metheny, on acoustic guitar, gives way to Mays who put every atom of his soul into a gorgeous piano soliloquy that fully expresses a sense of loss and what Evans had meant to Mays.

He sets up a taut lead line playing his signature, singalong synth in unison with saxophonist Billy Drewes that leads into a chorus that delivers rich chords with punch. Marc Johnson, Alex Acuna and a young Bill Frisell round out this one-off progressive jazz supergroup.

He took this jaunty composition to the stage in with a quartet featuring Johnson, Bob Sheppard and Mark Walker. He recorded this busy number unaccompanied in the studio, but here the band inserts a hip-swaying Brazilian samba pulse underneath this classical number.

That inspires Mays to take this exercise in classical music and make into a carnival dance without ever losing his stride.


Lyle Mays - Chorinho.pdf

His parents were musically inclined — his mother was a pianist, his father was a guitarist — and he was able to study the piano with the help of instructor Rose Barron. Lyle Mays — Chorinho. She allowed Mays the opportunity to practice chorinhk after the structured elements of the lesson were completed. Lyle Mays Chorinho Thanks for expanding my horizons. Do any of you know this particular piece or are acquainted with the choro style? Go Back to forum.





Chorinho (Lyle Mays)


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