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Ethical and Professional Standards A. Professional Standards of Practice B. Ethical Practices II. Quantitative Methods A. Time Value of Money B. Probability C. Probability Distributions and Descriptive Statistics D. Sampling and Estimation E. Hypothesis Testing F. Correlation Analysis and Regression G. Time Series Analysis H. Simulation Analysis I. Technical Analysis III.

Economics A. Market Forces of Supply and Demand B. The Firm and Industry Organization C. Measuring National Income and Growth D. Business Cycles E. The Monetary System F. Inflation G. International Trade and Capital Flows H. Currency Exchange Rates I. Monetary and Fiscal Policy J. Economic Growth and Development K. Effects of Government Regulation L. Financial Reporting and Analysis A. Principal Financial Statements C. Financial Reporting Quality D.

Analysis of Inventories E. Analysis of Long-Lived Assets F. Analysis of Taxes G. Analysis of Debt H. Analysis of Inter-Corporate Investments K. Analysis of Business Combinations L. Analysis of Global Operations M. Ratio and Financial Analysis V. Corporate Finance A. Corporate Governance B. Dividend Policy C. Capital Investment Decisions D. Business and Financial Risk E. Long-Term Financial Policy F. Short-Term Financial Policy G.

Equity Investments A. Types of Equity Securities and their Characteristics B. Fixed Income A. Analysis of Interest Rate Risk F. Analysis of Credit Risk G. Valuing Bonds with Embedded Options H. Derivatives A. Types of Derivative Instruments and their Characteristics B.

Forward Markets and Instruments C. Futures Markets and Instruments D. Options Markets and Instruments E. Swaps Markets and Instruments F. Alternative Investments A. Types of Alternative Investments and their Characteristics B.

Real Estate C. Hedge Funds E. Commodities H. Tangible Assets with Low Liquidity X. Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning A. Portfolio Concepts B. Management of Institutional Investor Portfolios D.

Investment Manager Selection F. Other Institutional Investors G. Tax Efficiency J. Asset Allocation including Currency Overlay K. Portfolio Construction and Revision L. Equity Portfolio Management Strategies M.

Alternative Investments Management Strategies O. Risk Management P. Execution of Portfolio Decisions Trading Q. Performance Evaluation R. Presentation of Performance Results February 25, , am 5 Huh …now I am sorta relieved…I do see the exact same topics in mine too… thanks …but do you think this is the L2? February 25, , am 6.


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