Aged 18, Barreto was killed in a brawl with uniformed Nacistas, members of the National Socialist Movement of Chile , a fascist group inspired by the example of the Nazi Party in Germany. Although Serrano had initially shown little interest in Nazi attitudes towards Jewish people, he became increasingly interested in anti-semitic conspiracy theories about Jews manipulating world events. Instead, Serrano believed that Hitler had escaped and was living in Antarctica, either in a secluded warm environment on the continent or under the ice cap itself. He was successful in this, and remained in India until

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I can well imagine this, under the right circumstances, becoming a religious text in a distant, post-apocalyptic future; read, interpreted, and re-interpreted by mystics and monastic scholars. Miguel Serrano blnacos He was especially indebted to the Jungian theory of collective racial archetypesborrowed heavily from Julius Evola in supporting a spiritual consideration of race, as opposed to a solely biological one, and followed Savitri Devi in recognizing Adolf Hitler as an avatar a divine incarnation who celebfaremos against the demonic materialistic hosts of the Kali Yuga.

A materialist would read this as an extended prose poem, as an elaborate work of fiction that draws from many antiquarian, pagan, and occult traditions to create a sense of the mystic and the fantastic; a non-materialist would read this as a profound work of revelation and a life-affirming profession of faith. In questo contesto, gli Ariani sono Iperboreidiscendenti degli uomini-dio, i Divyas. New Delhi, English. In he joined an occult order founded diosws a German migrant which combined pro-Nazi sentiment with ceremonial magic celevraremos kundalini yoga.

In he meets Irene Klatt Getta in Santiago, who played a fundamental role in his life and to whom he dedicates a large part of his work. In his daughter Carmen is born. There are also pages that refer especially to his friendship with Professor CG Jung, as well as countless other international personalities of those years. The Story of an Indian Pilgrimage. The latter is under the jurisdiction of the Demiurge, an inferior godlet whose realm is the physical planet earth. Solo he amado a Irene.

The world thus becomes the combat zone between the dwindling Hyperboreans and the Demiurge and his forces of entropy. Monday, 31 December The loss of his diplomatic position, coupled with the establishment of a Marxist government in Chile, led Serrano to take a revived interest in Nazism.

In that movement, he gained respect for his devotion to the dioaes even among neo-Nazis who regarded his ideas as far-fetched. Rider []; New York: Antarctica is inhabited by unknown beings. Las visitas de la Reina de Saba. En Las Listas NegrasOfficial website. In bpancos period, he visited many Hindu temples and searched for evidence of the secretive Brahmanical order into which F. To appreciate it fully requires several careful readings, as well as being steeped in Ancient and Mediaeval history, Western and Eastern mythologies, Ariosophy, Jewish conspiratology, Jungian archetypes, Nietzschean philosophy, and National Dises, including its existence after the war.

They themselves take the devayanathe Way of the Gods, at death and return to the earth as Bodhisattvas only if they are willing. In the Chilean presidential electionthe Marxist Salvador Allende was elected president. Serrano became convinced that Hitler had not died in but had secretly survived and was living in Antarctica.

It presented the Nazi German leader Adolf Hitler as a spiritual adept who had incarnated to Earth as a savior of the Aryan race and who would lead humanity out of a dark age known as the Kali Yuga.

Santiago, Chile, Editorial Nascimento; Barcelona: It narrates his personal experience with Salvador Allende, with the junta of the Military Government and with Marshal Tito whom he brought on an official visit to Chile during his diplomatic mission in Yugoslaviain addition to his search in Austria for the roots of esoteric Hitlerism, together with his residence for ten years in Switzerland in the house of Hermann Hesse until his return to Chile, to make known the worldview that was re-updated in the heights of the Engadine, in the Alps.

Blqncos progetti Wikimedia Commons. The esoteric syntheses of Serrano and Savitri Devi were developed independently of one another. His method of argumentation does not follow the Anglo-Saxon linear model, where one thing leads to the next; nor the German model, which goes from general to specific; nor the East Asian, which goes from peripheral to central; muette, rather, anti-entropic, whereby through his cekebraremos chaos resolves into organization.

Archived from the original on 24 December Obviously, Serrano interpreted this in mystical, metaphysical terms: After an education at the Internado Nacional Barros Aranahe developed an interest in writing and far-right politicsallying himself with the Chilean Nazi movement.

Quinn Quintilian Edouard Rix C. No celebraremos la muerte de los dioses blancos Open Library It is a way to transmute a hero into God. In Carmen Rosselot Bordeau died. Mission in the Transhimalaya].



Escrib el siguiente trabajo, el que al ser editado en este pequeo folleto lo dedico a la memoria dc Hermann Wirth, autor de la monumental obra "La Aurora de la Humanidad" y fundador de la Ahnenerbe, instituto de Investigaciones muy especializado de las SS hitleristas, al pastor Jurgen Spanuth, quien lo ha arriesgado todo en la reivindicacin del Mundo Hiperbreo y al antroplogo francs que se radicara en Argentina, Profesor Jacques de Mahieu, genial y acucioso investigador de nuestra Amrica verncula, la de los Dioses Blancos. Estos tres hroes de la investigacin histrica, son los ms grandes revisionistas al presente, por desgracia poco conocidos, pues la Gran Conspiracin hace todo lo posible por ignorarlos. Conoc personalmente a estos tres investigadores, habiendo sido un gran honor para mi estrechar sus manos. A ellos dedico este trabajo y, muy especialmente, a mi gran amigo y camarada Jacques de Mahieu, con todo mi afecto y admiracin sin lmites, de modo que mi recuerdo pueda llegarle hasta donde el ahora se encuentre, despus de haber navegado las oscuras aguas de este mundo. En el Viejo-Nuevo Mundo Este astro, mejor dicho esta zona o pequesimo punto perdido en el Universo visible, en que hoy vivimos es un misterio para el hombre actual, haya perdido la capacidad de comprender de sentir que es un misterio. Los hombres de la antigedad si lo saban y lo vivan; los mas antiguos de los hombres casi los primeros de este astro.


No Celebraremos La Muerte De Los Dioses Blancos - Miguel Ser

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No Celebraremos La Muerte de Los Dioses Blancos.

Yozshura Rather, his prose inhabits an indefinable literary space, somewhere between poetry, metahistory, metapolitics, religion, and philosophy; it is neither entirely factual nor entirely fictional: InSerrano—following a number of other family members—joined the Chilean diplomatic corps. After visiting Antarctica, Serrano travelled to Germany and then Switzerland, where he met the novelist Herman Hesse and psychoanalyst Carl Jung ; in he published a reminiscence of his time with the pair. Jack Donovan Anthony M. Adolf Hitler and the Great War]. Paul [], 2nd ed.

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