Tygogami Buy for others And that evil is the Manteros that she and bkondes sisters fought against in the first book. While her business is thriving, her personal life, not-so-much. Ten weeks later, a pregnant Bennett has her answer The last thing I need is a Texas princess like Callie Llewellyn getting up in my business and messing with my head. Christmas with the Marine Bolndes Hot!

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Oct 30, Mmmhhmm rated it did not like it This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I wanted to like this book. With that title like that, how could this not be fun? But the tone was all over the goddamn place, the dragon was barely fucking in it, and the main character was a narcissist, misogynistic, selfish moron with no self-awareness whatsoever.

The only time I found myself getting drawn into the book was during the parts with the dragons and the banter Alex had with them. Those parts were fun and awesome. But the book preferred to focus on shitty secondary-plots, and by I wanted to like this book.

But the book preferred to focus on shitty secondary-plots, and by the time the main storyline finally decided to stay, the book was nearly over. This book is not about dragons. Dragons are a secondary plot. I just wanna rant about how much of a horndog Alex was. If a man had done the same shit, lusting after a naked woman and thinks about decapitating her, it would come off as sociopathic. This book was all over the place in tone.

There was drug use, ableist slurs, token gay mentions, and every time Alex talked about her ONLY female friend, she calls her a pathetic, stupid vapid bitch. She literally uses those words to describe her only female friend. What an ugly disappointment this was.

I love the covers of both books and the books inside are just as good! Dragons Prefer Blondes follows the dangerous life of Alex Caruthers, and trust me it is a dangerous Fun, fun, fun, fun! Dragons Prefer Blondes follows the dangerous life of Alex Caruthers, and trust me it is a dangerous life. Recently turning blonde she does indeed discover its appeal when Ginjin proposes.

The story is complex with lots of twists and turns, we are introduced to two possible mates for the two remaining Caruthers sisters, an actor for one, and death for the other. Two books that I know I will look forwards to, but I digress.

Evil is again trying to invade the world, this time through the manipulation of dragons who are stealing humans as well as treasure. In her excursions to battle dragons she also discovers a stange safe house in Canada, run by the equally mysterious Mr M, but what secrets is he hiding?

Add the human trafficking, evil taking over, dragon marriage proposals to planning a wedding for her flaky best friend and meeting the love of her life and you have a good book. Everyone seems to want her dead, and they almost succeed! Alex is funny, brave and thoroughly engaging with a great left hook and a talent for one liners, Jake is strong, manly and sexy with his own set of problems. You can believe in their relationship, how it would work and how the sparks fly. A thoroughly fun romantic read which I loved.

I give it 4. Dragons Prefer Blonds was much better. I still felt like there was some shaky plotting going on. Bailey was said to have invented so much that I was left wondering if previous Guardian Keys fought with stone axes and pointy sticks. Despite it being stated numerous times that there were other Guardians, and even two of them showcased here, it felt like the Caruthers fought all alone. No one else ever seemed to be called to council meetings and such--things like that.


Dragons Prefer Blondes




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