Create piping models quickly and easily Piping Design and Analysis Software AutoPIPE provides you with a comprehensive and advanced software tool specialized in pipe stress analysis. Increase your productivity and improve quality control with an intuitive modeling environment and advanced analysis capabilities. Ensure efficient workflows between pipe stress engineers, structural engineers, and CAD designers through interoperability with leading plant design applications. Speed the design of Class 1, 2, and 3 nuclear piping systems with advanced analysis capabilities such as nonlinear hydrotest analysis, integrated through-wall thermal gradient, built-in fluid transient analysis, thermal bowing or stratification, and seismic response spectra enveloping, for process, power, oil and gas, nuclear, underground, offshore, and subsea pipeline. AutoPIPE saves you time by enabling you to create, modify, and review piping and structural models and their results quickly and easily. Save even more time by addressing static and dynamic analysis in one application offering advanced linear and non-linear analysis capabilities for temperature, wind, wave, buoyancy, snow, seismic, and transient loadings.

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This tool is developed to perform stress analysis on buried steel line pipe to ensure code compliance under maximum operational conditions. Please refer to applicable design codes and standards for allowable limits. When machinery is involved in the piping system, the same consultants performing the dynamic mechanical finite element analysis FEA should also complete the Pipe Stress Analysis.

Solution: In order to help environment, Bentley no longer produces printed application manuals. WinPIPE will usher in a new era of pipe stress analysis. Posted: 3 days ago Three main steps for pipe stress engineering.

Engineering Tutorial Detail View All Tutorials How to perform a pipe stress analysis - Specifying Engineer Posted: 6 days ago Understanding pipe stress analysis software does not make for a solid foundation of pipe stress analysis. Get Notified for new Tutorials But my problem is am going to attain a course on piping stres analysis.

Reply Delete. Conclusion: To make 2mm deflection how much force required, that we can see from analysis. Posted: 6 days ago Overall, the basics of pipe stress analysis design require the best software. Because the process is super-complex, you need the right tool that will help you to make work easier — the best Pipe Stress Analysis software. When making parts and assemblies it is extremely important to know where the critical stress and fail points are in your design.

The stress analysis feature removes the guesswork an Posted: 3 months ago between the inner and outer pipe. Secondly, the stress distri Model of a new joint thread for a drilling tool and its stress analysis used in a slim borehole Appendix A. This 30 days course included pipe stress static analysis and pipe stress dynamics analysis.

This course is based on hands-on solution of example problems in order to illustrate pipe stress analysis using stress analysis software. All piping systems are inevitably subjected to various kinds of loads in their design life cycle. These loads develop stresses in the arrangement. Caesar II is a PC based pipe stress analysis engineering software. Senior Flexonics Canada provides this service to complement our flexible connectors and be your one stop piping systems solution provider.

Senior Flexonics Canada has been recognized as the expansion joint and hose leader in Canada since The program lies within Business Tools, more precisely General. The most popular versions of the software 6. This download was scanned by our antivirus and was rated as clean.

A pipe stress analysis is performed to verify that the piping system is routed and supported properly. The analysis determines movements and loads throughout the system from which the stresses in the piping material are calculated and checked for code compliance.


07. What are the Participation Factors and the Captured Modal Mass in AutoPIPE's frequency report?

What should be the minimum acceptable percentage value in all 3 axis directions? Solution: The participation factor is a measure of the importance of the mode in earthquake type load. The captured modal mass is another way of quantifying the importance of the mode and the two are related. The captured modal mass percentage shows how much of the response is attributed to a particular mode and also shows the mode orientation X, Y or Z. But since many modes are not counted, the sum is less than and hence the importance of the ZPA and missing mass options for dynamic analysis.



LC Peng has authored, co-authored and presented many technical papers on these subjects. Electronic versions of his most popular papers are available below. Pipeplus drawbacks consist of the use of the "control card" for setting analysis parameters, and what was for me just totally terrible customer support including cancelling an appointment at their home office the day before it was scheduled and then informing me that no "office visits" were allowed. For my money I would rank thse programs on a scale of 1 to 10 as: Ceasar 9, Autopipe 9, Pipeplus 3. It has served us well and is easy to use. They used to have a training course taught by a B31 code committee member and the Caepipe staff.


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Duzahn The solution algorithm combines triangular factorization and vector inverse iteration in anoptimum manner to calculate the required eigenvalues and eigenvectors. In the figure on the right the support ismodeled using a beam element. Double click on an empty row to input a new beam load through the beam load dialog orstart typing into the fields. Folder FolderSelect any folder to which you as a user have write permission.

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