Plot[ edit ] Arthur and Norma Lewis live in a low-rent tenement and are slowly descending into abject poverty. One day they receive a mysterious locked box with a button atop it and a note that says Mr. Steward will come visit. Then, just as the note said, a smartly dressed stranger who introduces himself as Mr.

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The Button Sisters The Fabulous Button Sisters In this short story we hear about the girl Karen, who is a quite ordinary but also a bit quiet and unsecure teenage girl, who is going to school.

She had a best friend in her class, Connie, but one day Connie is off with glandular fever, at the same time as a new girl, Michelle, starts in the class. The moment Michelle walks into the class, Karen realize that she wanted Michelle as her best friend.

Made it her own. Michelle and Karen became best friends and did everything together, or rather say Michelle made Karen her own acolyte. Michelle is that type, who wants to control everything and wants to be heard. When Connie came back to school, Karen still wanted to be friends with her. But Michelle was making a booking to every club, until she was sure that Karen would not go back to Connie. No matter what idea Michelle comes up with and no matter how little Karen understands it, she is willing to do what Michelle wants.

Words: - Pages: 4 Button Objections to Assessment Words: - Pages: 16 Button Matheson Story Aurthur Lewis, 21 7 E. It was just getting dark. After she put the lamb chops in the broiler, she sat down to open the package. Inside the carton was a push-button unit fastened to a small wooden box. A glass dome covered the button. Norma tried to lift it off, but it was locked in place.

She turned the unit over and saw a folded piece of paper Scotch-taped to the bottom of the box. She pulled it off: "Mr. Steward will call on you at P. She reread the typed note, smiling. A few moments later, she went back into the kitchen to make the salad. Arthur was in the living room, reading. There was a small man in the hallway.

He removed his hat as Norma opened the door. She was sure now it was a sales pitch. Words: - Pages: 10 Buttons - Case Study A very simple and straight forward distribution solution is recommended. One that will use the same flow chart process for both ocean carriage, for the initial startup and stocking phase of the program see Figure 2, page 9 , and the air consolidation replenishment of stock phase see Figure 4, page This system will be providing savings Throughout the story we get to hear about the girls preparing for a party, and they discuss what to wear.

Michelle suggests them both to dress up as chocolate buttons. But it could also be a reference to the fact that everything Michelle has to do, has to be fabulous and to make a good impression at the party.

Karen, the main character, is a young and quite ordinary girl. Throughout the story Karen seems like a person who is willing to do everything for Michelle. Throughout the story Karen is clumsy and insecure. The two friends are more or less doing everything together.

Michelle has already decided that she wants to be white and Karen should be the ordinary one — the brown one. Michelle tells Karen, that she is taken the risk to stand out and be special, while Karen only will blend in unnoticed.

Before the story gets to the night of the party, we simply get a closer insight on the relationship between Karen and Michelle. Like the various ideas that Michelle has, for example that they only should eat one color of food at every meal. At the night of the party, Michelle calls Karen and says that she should meet her on the corner in ten minutes. When Karen arrives, she sees Michelle wearing some other clothes than they had agreed.

This confuses Karen because they had made an agreement on what to wear. It was unsurprisingly easy to find a video to discuss about gender and even throughout the video none of the actions or contents surprised me. The Pussycat Dolls are being portrayed as sex objects.

I am straightforward, I know This was distinctively shown through their actions and costumes throughout the video. The movements in the music video are extremely provocative to the man and perhaps quite daring as well. See source 1 and 2 The costumes expose the majority of the body parts creating the sense of seductiveness, but whatsoever could still find a way to strip more off, which I found was quite impressive.

Clearly, that was sarcasm See source 3. Not only were they presented physically as sex objects but it can be proved via the lyrics of the video see source 7. This suggests that the audience should look at the video from another light. There is a clear division of sexism throughout the music video. The fact that there is only a man throughout the video suggests that he is the centre of attention and has women surrounding which is typically what all men wish for.

Women are being presented as if they thirst for sex simply through the Michelle is a girl who is very confident and outgoing and Karen is more the quiet kind of girl. Michelle is living with her aunt because her mother is in Hollywood trying to become a star, and Michelle is waiting for her mother to become a star so she can come over to her and become one too.

Karen is living with her mom and dad. Karen and Michelle is talking about going to a party and come dressed up like buttons, one in brown and one in white, and they call themselves The Button Sisters. The parents find it very funny that the girls want to go to the party in dirt-colored close instead of dressing up like they use to do. When the day comes and Karen is getting ready and goes to meet with Michelle, she is not dressed up like they talked about.

Michelle tells Karen that her mother is sending her tickets so she can go to Hollywood and live with her mom, and become a star. Characterize Karen: Karen is a girl who is looking up to her friend Michelle. She is more a girl who stands in the background, and she is only doing what Michelle tells her to do. She had a friend named Connie. Karen started to hang out with Michelle because Connie got sick. And Karen could not say no to Michelle. Karen is not a person who makes her own decisions, but it is just Michelle and Karen are going to the party together and Michelle decides that they should go dressed up as the fabulous button sisters.

Karen dressed in brow. Michelle dressed in white. When the girls meet up, Karen, dressed in her moms brown clothes, sees Michelle standing under the street lamp waving an envelope in her face, dressed in green top and denim skirt. Michelle explains that the letter is from her mom, who has made it in Hollywood and finally wants Michelle to join her. At the party Karen stays in the kitchen while Michelle lit up the room, forcing the rest backstage. She said yes. The first month Michelle was away she sent postcards, but as soon as Karen stopped answering them, they stopped coming.

Characterize Karen. Karen is a teenage girl living with her parents. Every since Michelle started at school Karen has been in love with her.

Karen believes in Michelle and her ideas of being something big someday. Karen gets a bit carried away by all this so she kind of ends her relationship with Connie. Karen comes across as being They are going to a costume party and Michelle calls and decides that they are going as chocolate buttons — Michelle herself as a white one and Karen as a brown, and ordinary, one. Michelle always talks about her mum who, according to her, is trying to become an actor in Hollywood.

She explains that her mum has finally sent for her and she is going to live in Hollywood with her. She acts like Michelle is magical and can make her otherwise boring life more exciting. Name of the Company Jindal Polly buttons Ltd. Corporate Profile Founded by late Sh. Shah Ram Jindal in is a diversified group of manufacturing companies, producing steel pipes, metal strips, chemicals and polyester buttons and metal buttons in India. Vision Emerging as global suppliers of buttons of the highest quality.

Management Decision The company has a liaison branch office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We say it is possible.

Jindal buttons has some very effective and efficient marketing team who can promote the product to both actual and potential buyer. There are several team working in one region, each of the team has a capable team leader under whom some team member works, those who have been selected in various screening process and given with useful training. Those marketing people directly visit the office of garment buyer and maker and works for getting order. It is very important in garment industry for a supplier His wrinkled countenance is then seamlessly computer grafted onto a diminutive body.

While this concept is fantasy, the situation of child who looks geriatric is very rare but very real.


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