Karr Give your creative team an early start with the digital script and score. Never mind what for! No matter where you are on your theatrical journey, our innovative production resources will enhance your show experience. For each musical or pantomime the set is. Flirtatious dairymaid Meg Brockie immediately takes a liking to Xcript and leads him off.

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Ler me see thar map. Poin t0 9 spot on the Towtty: In othing? JEFF: Yeo. JEFF: Uh-huh! Piguras ara agen coming atang the road. Come ye ro the fir! LS: Y Conte ye fren obo bls!

Down on Maaonmachy Sqr? Come al of ye down from mn An? Come all of yet0 dhe quar Of yafrom your pail ant Broo Of yet tbe fan? Theres afeir Down on MacConnschy Square? Now the stage fe their shopping. Tel, Angus MecGulfic we need some eggs. Aye, Me. XY MA. Se dite, vel hnctaae es il maidens are good. So then eell me where all the pater UR. She picks up swatch of lam, Woald ye have a waistont of this that would ft im?

Think so, Miss Fiona Jean. SetF-conssiousy How are ye today? I anybody gi co py me tapped freer wit yeahs pear ag sed Angussny, Hany? Ye be cert with your father eda. Reveim of your derie the day suhen Teo a? JEFF: Yon mesn you know teisat on the map? Town: Why inion the map? Is this the day you tae pie tures for postcards?

Winoa ye down alore ye sear back? Come on, boy Prease! Isthere a phone sxound here? Why, ofcourse, Weleomeso yest Fon Thanis. Anno, seross the gree, home with borne fe tb bonnie Jorn! He Jeant But when ye are tedded the frendsbip ends. Towa: Sure. Tomnre: IFT stuck around here coday, would you take me to the wedding this cvening? Fiona; Well. Maybe Tm the one y, but. GIOMA walle away fam him. Comte ye, Come ye every "Tis te end Ofthe fair Doron on MacConnachy Square scene 1 stage with the countiyside painted on the surrounding drop.

Tr makes me very happy. SEFF: You get happy very exlly, don you? MEG: Aye. JEFF: Aner fe! MEG: He sa? MEG: Quien What happened tothe less ye were engaged 2? And bel S Noss, Iook, lass. Twat 0 go 10 seep. Ye misled me! I1old my Fasher the He said: What difference?

Oh, be wus a poet a rbymer was be. Dawnetage let fea door pr sumably leading to another room. Tho door i raised and wo stops Teng up to it Upstage Hoh ie another door lending to anciher ream, Upstene lage, open, wooden orate, mast fhe once from the sepes se Hired es, toy sng. Tonight eusy she goet! Charles MacPherson Dsleymple! Why dinna ye take my hand? Tm nat your enemy.

Nanay: Ye Wy do ye ay? Who was MA. Yel spol he. Come, dem So ye ean bear me, oe got 10 whisper tis sop. Not Kind of day did you. Tomer: sbout Sorts frogaly. Their generosity is overpowering.

JEFF: Congranulasions! Pecing i together No Brigadaon on che map. No phones in the whole town. Thanks to Me. Is chere any explanation or FA Ap re Dt uma oun. Was there anyopejholen? TH take yevto i. Lordi ty, ello Fiona, What pleasan surprise! Va like ye to mect Mr, Tommy Albright and Mr. New York. Ihe igh? Mr Forsythe could have old ye. Why won HR. But it winns husi me. Now, thismiracle happened. That means happened enacly wo hundred years ago.

Te dinna matter they were notre! Bur their influence wae vary rec indeed, [Nov here in Brigadoon we hed sn old minister of the kirk named Mr. So for many days through the 2 by candle lighes Final for Aa! Vanish, bur nor for alvays. SEPP: What happened so che minies? Yes, be reed thet miacle, sme easier would have to br sad, ae wanted toe the toe to make fe Now, te the genres satfce he could off? It twas tobe separated ore his time from the ones he loved.

Could he? Forsythe provided fr eh. FIONA: mis harry now. Good by, Me. She exis MR. Tell me, Mr. They say no words I can semember. On the fet veurlag tonzre center is the fapace fe practiccl stops leading up tal. The kitkyard would sear 0 fa anovant Gothic rin. Now MIR. He stope Ba To wodding dence ie interypted then by who comes holuing twa swords Nigh.

TONY comes forward with shew wrapped around hie atm, and 32 one. Then sreryone realzes the leaving and springs Into zotion.


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