Its very robust mechanically, almost impossible to assemble incorrectly and works well. Its programmed with a Basic Stamp which was revolutionary in its ease of use when it was introduced in the s and is still popular today. The BOE shield is a great addition enabling access to this robot base for the Arduino community. Then attach an Arduino to the pins on the bottom of the Shield.

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The Boe-Bot serves as a good introduction to both robotics and electronics. It comes with many electronic components that act as sensors. Although the manual supplied with the Boe-bot robot does not require any prior knowledge of robotics, electronics or programming, the Boe-Bot robot is not really intended for children unlike the Mindstorms Lego robot , if only because some of the parts are quite small. It is worth noting that the Boe-Bot robot does not require any soldering or tricky operations.

The electronic components are inserted manually into the notches provided for this purpose. The Boe-Bot robot is a truly educational robotics kit. Opening the box of the Boe-Bot robot You are immediately struck by the quality of the elements supplied as soon as you open the box of the Boe-Bot robot, particularly the guide supplied with the robot.

Its bound pages of clear text and numerous diagrams explain step by step how to assemble the Boe-Bot robot, how the various electrical components work LED, resistances , how to program in BASIC, and the fundamentals of the mechanisms specifically used for programming robots odometry, distance calculations, etc.

However, it might be worth pointing out that the guide is only available in English but you can download the guide in other languages on the Parallax web site. Further proof, if proof be needed, that Parallax really wants to get things right is that the CD contains no fewer than PDF documentation files, representing all the manuals published by Parallax.

The Boe-Bot robot The robot has an aluminium chassis. The propulsion system consists of two servo motors and two wheels. Finally, electronic or mechanical components are supplied and act as sensors. There are for example whiskers, which act as touch sensors, photoresistors, which detect light, and infrared sensors, which detect obstacles.

The manual gives step-by-step examples that help you to immerse yourself in this programming of the Boe-Bot robot very quickly. There is no need for advanced programming skills, because only BASIC is used hence the name , but you can tackle all the most popular robotics topics such as navigation, obstacle detection and more.

Furthermore, many examples of codes are supplied with the programming software, making learning even easier. Conclusion What is there left to say that has not already been said?

It is clear that the Boe-Bot robot is a good choice as an introduction to robotics. It is easy to use, extremely educational and, most importantly, has lots of potential for expansion thanks to the many components and sensors available on Generation Robots.


Boe-Bot Robot Kit - USB

In , Parallax Inc. And in , Parallax Inc. In , after eight years of development time, Parallax launched their Parallax Propeller microcontroller. The Propeller 2 multicore processor is under development and does not have a release date yet. Popular chips and robots[ edit ] The Propeller chip[ edit ] The Propeller is a multicore system that can do real-time simultaneous multiprocessing.


Parallax, Inc.



Boe-Bot Robot Kit - Serial



Robotics with the Board of Education Shield for Arduino


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