Plot summary[ edit ] The novel is split between two points of view, a first-person narrative presenting the events as Chris recalls them in retrospect, interspersed with a series of letters from Helen to their unborn child Nobody , telling her side of the story as she experiences it. The framing sequence is set in autumn as Chris is on the verge of leaving for Newcastle University. He begins to read the letters, all addressed to "Dear Nobody", and they remind him of the past nine months. The subsequent chapter headings are all the names of months, beginning with January.

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The book is also about the problems of growing up, about kids, who have to make future plans and decide what they want to do with their life. And it is about the relation between kids and their parents.

Background: The story takes place in Sheffield, in Great Britain. The people, who occur in the book are members of the middle class. The main characters are teenagers at the age of He narrates the book with his point of view He is a very sensitive and cheerful person. Chris loves Helen very much and is afraid of losing her. He cannot think about it he is just desperate not to lose Helen. Christopher has a good relationship to his father. He is very happy about getting to know his mother.

She loves music and she wants to visit a music college one day. It takes very long until she can overcome her inhibitions and tell it Chris. She really would like to have a closer relationship to her mother. That her mother tells her that she has been an illegitimate child brings them closer together because now Helen can understand her mother better. She thinks that they are too young. He has never had the chance to visit a Music college. She was searching more for a Father than for a husband.

She feels guilty for having left the family. She is very happy to get to know her son. Summary: The story starts in October. Chris is sitting in his room when his father comes in and brings him a parcel. It is a present from Helen. Chris starts reading the letters and they take him back to January, where the whole story began. It all started in late January, nine months ago.

Chris and Helen make love without thinking of contraception. When Chris returns home he starts talking with his father about his mother, who has left the family when Chris and his brother Guy were younger. Chris decides to write her a letter. One month later he gets a reply from his mother named Joan. Chris is very disappointed about her.

The next days Helen behaves very strangely. One day Helen tells Chris that she is probably pregnant. First Chris is shocked, but he says, that he will stay with her whatever she decides to do. She makes a pregnancy test, which is negative. She is very happy about the result and she wants to tell it Chris.

This one is positive. But her mother realises that there must be something wrong with her. She asks Helen if she is pregnant and Helen tells her about it. Her mother wants her to have an abortion. So she takes Helen to an abortion clinic. But Helen flees from the abortion clinic and tells her parents that she wants to keep the baby. Chris is very happy that Helen has decided to keep the baby. One day the Gartons visit Mr. Marshal because they want Helen and Chris to get married, but then they see that Helen and Chris are too young.

In the meantime Helen and Chris visit his mother. His mother is very nice. She tells Chris why she left her family and Chris understands her reasons Joan wants to help Chris and Helen with their baby.

When the exams are over Helen closes up with Chris. Chris is completely desperate. He still loves Helen very much and he even has made future plans for them. One day when Helen talks with her grandmother about the pregnancy. Her grandmother says something strange:" Like mother, like daughter". Helen confronts her mother with what her grandmother has said and her mother tells her that she has been an illegitimate child and that she had a very hard childhood because of that.

After that Helen feels closer to her mother than ever before. In summer Chris makes a cycling trip through France with a friend. After the holidays Chris and Helen get their degrees.

Joan wants to divorce because she wants to marry her boyfriend. They spend some days together with Chris. In October, on the evening before Chris leaves for university Helen gets contractions. That takes the story back to where it began. After having read the last letter Chris drives immediately to hospital to see Helen and his baby.

Their baby is a girl and they call it Amy. The next day Chris goes to University like he has planned to do. One month later he gets a letter from Helen in which she writes him that she is very happy about her life with their daughter Amy. Book: Doherty, Berlie: Dear Nobody.


"Dear Nobody" by Berlie Doherty. Summary and Characterisation



Dear Nobody


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