The clan is ancient, with strong ties going back millennia, both to government and finance; 2. The clan is moreover connected with a secret society, whose activities in turn are connected with: a. Occult religious activity; b. Criminal business organization and activity; c. Assassinations, blackmail, and infiltration of government and finance; 3. The clan is clearly connected to a mathematical model of economic and credit activity, implying a hidden interest in developing such formally explicit models; and finally, 4.

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Sacred geometry and its powerful secrets were guarded in the temples and secret societies. Mystery schools were established to maintain the wisdom among a small class of adepts. The story continues to suggest that those who have controlled this wisdom from ancient times are the predecessors, if not ancestors of those at the top of the financial pyramid today.

And those at the top continue to use predictive cyclical patterns to their own enriching and often nefarious ends. But their aims are not simply to control the money supply, but to control the physics of the technologies that could, on the one hand, free humanity from this monetary control, and on the other, destroy us once again.

Ultimately, the story of these ancient bullion brokers and their progeny is their search to re-establish the technology that was lost following the theoretical great and final battle of pre-history. And the banksters will go to any length to ensure that control rests with them. Farrell cites evidence that strongly suggests Presidents Lincoln, Garfield and Kennedy were all assassinated for their attempts to take the money-issuing power away from the privately controlled central bank — with the intention of issuing debt-free government created money.

Farrell traces evidence that central bankers have historically flooded the market with counterfeit bills whenever the U. Once devalued, the banksters then offer the central bank as a stabilizing solution. Everything in nature follows these same wave patterns. Our worst economic depressions have apparently occurred in line with noteworthy astrological alignments.

A Global Story But this is not just an American story. It is a multi-headed beast and the banksters are not the only ones playing. Farrell suggests that the American economic collapse of was a sneak attack of sorts by the Chinese. Farrell also notes that the Nazi party, although financed by the banksters during their rise to power, ultimately turned the relationship sour by its move to create state-issued debt-free money.

Fast forward to the annual ultra-secretive Bildergerg Group meetings. Tying It All Together Farrell covers a lot of ground in a short amount of space and he undoubtedly has a brilliant mind, along with a healthy background on a variety of esoteric subjects. That brilliance and his vast knowledge spurs him to launch into a number of disparate directions. However, this book is not meant to be a chronological tale of the international banksters through history.

Rather, it is a detailed essay on where physics, astrology, ancient religion and alchemical transmutation tie into the banksters ability to create something out of nothing — in other words, their ability to transmutate something valueless like our existing fiat currency into something that not simply has value, but it has ultimately become the purpose of most of our lives. That process is, in a sense, alchemical magic.


Babylon's Banksters: The Alchemy of Deep Physics, High Finance and Ancient Religion

It really does not matter whether one believes anything they read it is all about perception. Just watching the MSM, like in the book , is a linear way to live ones life. All swimming in the high seas of life in one direction and not seeing anything else. That is a civilised I have read many books about the banking industry and finance and how shadowy it all is. That is a civilised society.


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