Arashishakar To ask other readers questions about Hour of the Wolfplease sign up. September 3, Page Count: Kas man knygoje labiausiai patiko? Steampunkhistorical fiction. The Beginning subtitles English. But, bottom line, I was able to follow the story and I enjoyed it very much.

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Well, the thing is, I do not know Lithuanian. So I had to read this book in English translation. And here is a problem - translation is a work of art. Or at last a craft. Google is your enemy when trying to translate a work of fiction. I am not sure who translated this book - my Amazon-purchased copy did not have a I so much wanted to love this book.

Idioms are not translatable, period. Not even a little bit. So while I could somehow figure most of it out, knowing one or two Slavic languages, I do not think English-only speaking reader would be as lucky.

Fluidity is important to me while reading a work of fiction. I hate being jerked out of the flow by "WHA? I want to be immersed in the action, not constantly flailing around trying to get a meaning, or just simply shaking my head. Here are some examples of this: Fabric "greatly resembling a grey mouse" Huh??

I guessed brokers or guides? Not a blink? No comment. Sweetie instead of candy or sweets. Once you gave them a sweetie. OMG One though guy calling another "my dear".

While this sounds OK in several slavic languages, it does not in English. The context is just such that "my dear" throws you out and there you go again - your concentration is broken and the flow interrupted. That defies the purpose of reading, it really does.

At least of reading for fun. This is more like grading the English works of Lithuanian junior high students. This is hard! This list could go on, unfortunately. I just refused to constantly take notes while reading for pleasure.

Why three stars? I still think this book has a great potential, and if translated correctly or given a once-or-twice-over by an English editor could be a modest hit. As it is, however, not so much.


Andrius Tapinas



Vilko valanda


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