The final, heart-squeezing plot twist will have fans lining up for the promised sequel. This book is sure to fly off the shelves and leave readers breathlessly awaiting the promised sequel. Her ability to write in the voice of a teen so convincingly makes us wonder how she does it. There was absolutely no way I could think of to get out of this one, either, other than the obvious—suicide. I contemplated simply running away from Christopher and throwing myself under the first cab I saw speeding down Bleecker Street. I figured I might just end up throwing myself under a parked car.

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Plot summary[ edit ] Em Watts, while on a model shoot in St. Later, at the hotel, she gets a call from her apartment about a man who keeps coming to her door. Lulu, attracted to Steven, invites him to stay in their loft. Em notices that the loft has been bugged, and begins to watch her words. When she visits her real family, who are being bugged as well, she comes to the realization that she cannot return to her old life.

She realizes that he must have loved her after seeing a picture of her former self in his bedroom. Em insists that she has not been emailing Justin, but Veronica does not believe her.

As Em completes her run and heads for the end of the catwalk, she trips over a pile of feathers ripped off a pair of Stark Angel wings- seemingly set up by Veronica. After the accident, Em is taken to the office of a Stark doctor, and, before she leaves, observes the doctor typing her username and password on a Stark employee login site.

He also confesses that he has always loved her, and regrets that it took her death for him to finally realize it. She asks Justin to borrow his cellphone, but when he refuses, Christopher and Gabriel Luna stage a physical intervention. Jonathan Fong, a Stark neurosurgeon living in Westchester. When they go to Dr. Fong explains that he carried out the brain transplant after discovering that Nikki had not actually suffered an aneurysm, and that she has been recuperating in his house to avoid being found by Stark Enterprises.

However, Brandon, who was left sleeping in the car, wakes up and enters the house. She unwillingly does so, and he takes Em, Steven, Nikki, and Mrs. Howard to his summer house to continue hiding from Stark. Although she has come to accept the high life, Em struggles to balance her family, modelling duties, education, and friendships, while searching for answers to the mystery of her transplant.

She has an obvious crush on Steven, which he seems to be slightly disconcerted about. Their relationship deepens as he helps her in the search for Dee Dee, and she helps him on his mission to destroy Stark Enterprises.

Despite being the heir to Stark Enterprises, Brandon has a strained relationship with his father, who neglected him during his childhood. Although he is initially mistrustful of Em, he agrees to work with her to find his mother. Em is intensely suspicious about his motives; at the end of the novel, it is revealed that he ordered the murder of Nikki Howard. Gabriel Luna: a British singer-songwriter signed to the Stark music label, who performs a song about Nikki at the Stark Angels fashion show.

Frida has a crush on him. Justin Bay: an ex-boyfriend of both Nikki and Lulu. He is portrayed as an arrogant, sleazy womanizer, and his behaviour towards Em and Frida at the party causes him to be physically attacked by both Christopher and Gabriel. She is revealed to be alive at the end of the novel, with her brain now in the body of a DUI driver killed in a crash.

Em steals her employee account details to access the Stark mainframe. He hides Nikki and Mrs. Howard at his house to protect them from Stark.


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Digami This book is followed by Runaway. Dec 18, Lilian rated it it was amazing. I am not going to give anything else incase you want to read it. When normal, average, teenager Emerson Watts finds herself in the body of a supermodel, things suddenly get a lot more complicated. It was funny how far she went to get him to pay her a little attention.



Protesters attend the event because the Stark Megastore has replaced a locally owned grocery store, and one of the protesters shoots a plasma screen with a paintball gun, snapping the wires. Em saves her sister from being hit by the falling plasma screen but takes the hit herself. At almost the same moment, Nikki faints. A month later, Em finds herself in the hospital, trying to recall what had happened. Em tries to remember the events that led to her current state and finds out that not only did she die during the accident, Nikki had collapsed from a brain aneurysm at the same time.


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