Where any provision in these Regulations contradicts any provision in BS , the requirements, standards or specifcations under these Regulations shall apply. Other international standards may be used, in particular where none are specifed in these Regulations, with the prior approval of the Distribution Company and the Bureau. The Distribution Company shall ensure that any such specifcations or requirements are consistent with these Regulations, unless otherwise approved by the Bureau. Details of the design must be submitted, together with appropriate calculations and wiring diagrams, using the standard symbols shown in Appendix A Any such approval, including as to the form of undertaking, will be at the discretion of the Bureau and the Distribution Company. If given, the Owner will not be required to submit details of the Electrical Installation design to the Distribution Company for prior approval.

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Where conduit is buried installed within a wall, floor or ceiling it must be installed at a minimum depth of 50 mm from the surface.

If it is installed at a shallower depth then metal conduit must be used. See Guidance Note G7 e. Busways, bus ducts and busbar risers shall have neutral conductors of equal size to the phase conductors and shall have a dedicated Earth Conductor.

The use of the metal casing as an Earth Conductor shall not be is permitted only for Earth Leakage Protected Installations, and with the prior approval of the Distribution Company. In either case the sizing of such conductors must meet the values equivalent to copper conductors given in Appendix A5 j. However, additional diversity factors may be applied for high-rise buildings or other large installations rather than taking the sum of Connected Loads. Diversity factors must be justified and submitted with the design for approval by the Distribution Company, see Regulation 3.

Distribution Boards must be of robust construction, capable of withstanding expected electrical, thermal, and environmental stresses in normal service and during faults. This may be achieved by either of the following methods: a two or more busbar sections, each protected by an RCD; b one busbar section, with individual RCBOs fitted on all Final Circuits; c two or more FDBs installed together to serve an area, each having one busbar section protected by an RCD of appropriate rating e.

As an exception, small DBs serving a limited area up to 9 ways single phase or 3 ways 3-phase may be provided with one busbar section, and one incomer RCD, e. See Regulation


ADDC Electricity Wiring Regulations - Mar.2014

Requirements for Electrical Contractors License: For more information, please contact us at: In line with its vision to become a sustainable world-class utility, DEWA adopts an integrated strategy aimed at sharing experiences and best practices with other organisations, and promoting joint cooperation. These Regulations apply to all distribution companies, customers, owners, licensed contractors, or any other persons involved in the design, construction, installation, maintenance or operation of low-voltage electrical installations in all premises installationns the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Oman Oil Marketing Company. They then visited the training room, where they were introduced to the simulation system for electricity distribution; enabling real-time training for workers in the control room. The Bureau has introduced a new requirement for all licensed companies to register a qualified engineer as representative and signature authority for their company. Abu Dhabi City Municipality.


ADDC Regulation



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