Tweet on Twitter Built much later than the Modhera Stepwell, Adalaj was constructed in the year and is another one of the finest works of architecture in Gujarat and probably in India as well. It is ranked among one of the best Stepwell of Gujarat along with being one of the finest examples of expert craftsmanship that prevailed during that era. From the platforms to galleries and even the walls every part and quadrant of this complex represents the rich Gujarati culture which has ever since been kept alive and has managed to attract a huge throng of tourists from all over the world. History of Adalaj Stepwell Adalaj Ni Vav : The overall credit for the construction of this masterpiece should be given to queen Rudabai who was the wife if the Vaghela chief named Veer Singh.

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The well was built in A. The step well or Vav, as it is called in Gujarati , is intricately carved and is several stories deep. The carvings on its walls and pillars include leaves, flowers, birds, fish, geometrical patterns, and other breathtaking ornamental designs. In the past, these step wells were frequented by travellers and caravans as stopovers along trade routes.

This vav has five stories and three gates to enter it. On entering, one is greeted by one mandap with an eight-sided dome, which is now damaged. On both sides of steps are balconies with beautiful carvings. Rows of carved elephants mark some of the levels. The Trimandir is a magnificent two storey structure with a discourse hall on the ground floor and temple on the first floor.

The entire structure, with a centre shikhar height of feet, is set with intricate carvings on pink sandstone. The centre sanctum of Trimandir houses a 13 feet 4. Besides Adalaj, similar Trimandirs of varying sizes have cropped up at Rajkot January , Bhuj December , Godhra January , and various other locations. This is a nice temple of Lord Jagannath of Puri. The temple complex also houses a Swaminarayan Mandir.


Adalaj Step-well, Ahmedabad: Address, Phone Number, Adalaj Step-well Reviews: 4.5/5

These wells were also venues for colourful festivals and sacred rituals. Stepwells are also found in more arid regions of the Indian subcontinent , extending into Pakistan , to collect rainwater during seasonal monsoons. While many such structures are utilitarian in construction, they sometimes include significant architectural embellishments, as in the Adalaj stepwell, which attracts a large number of tourists. In the past, these stepwells were frequented by travellers and caravans as stopovers along trade routes. Subsequently, the wells at Dhank and construction of stepped ponds at Bhinmal took place.


Adalaj Stepwell

To limit the spread of the coronavirus, attractions may be closed or have partial closures. Please consult government travel advisories before booking. The WHO is closely monitoring the coronavirus and more information can be found here. Adalaj Stepwell Adalaj ni Vav Tours This striking Hindu water building located in the quiet village of Adjalaj was constructed in and stretches five stories deep.


Adalaj Stepwell: A Gorgeously Designed Stepwell Holding Numerous Tragic Tales

View Larger Map General Set in the quiet village of Adalaj, this vav has served as a resting place for hundreds of years for many pilgrims and caravans along their trade routes. Built in by Queen Rudabai, wife of the Vaghela chief, Veersinh, this five-storey stepwell was not just a cultural and utilitarian space, but also a spiritual refuge. It is believed that villagers would come everyday in the morning to fill water, offer prayers to the deities carved into the walls and interact with each other in the cool shade of the vav. There is an opening in the ceilings above the landing which allows the light and air to enter the octagonal well. However, direct sunlight does not touch the flight of steps or landings except for a brief period at noon. Hence some researchers say that the atmosphere inside the well is six degrees cooler than the outside.

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