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This is the 1 personal finance book of all time, which has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people around the world think about money.

The Global Townhall is honored to have Robert join us to discuss the financial concepts that you really need to know, to grow your personal wealth… Robert T. I spend most of my time doing my best to simplify it and make it easier to understand so people can take action accordingly. It is changing so much. He pointed out that bonds were always considered so secure but in bonds went down with the stock market as well. Is it worth investing in bonds at such a low return if they go down at the end of the day now anyway?

What are your thoughts on investing in bonds at the moment? Robert T. The reason is the returns are too low, the leverage is too low, and the tax is too low. They have no tax advantages to them, and so why would I put my money there? I can do better as an entrepreneur. What I invest in then are businesses, real estate, and commodities. I stay away from what I call paper assets, which is considered stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and cash. I think saving money is the most stupid thing you can do today.

What advice do you give to them? Our education system is obsolete, out of touch. You know when you go to the supermarket and you buy a quart of milk? Will you actually check the expiration date on the ideas in your head? Many people are making decisions based upon obsolete economic conditions. Let me ask you this. Why would you save money when the government is buying bonds? Management has no idea what that means.

Like Dave Ramsey. He and I agree to disagree. The bond guys lose, and guys like me win. What are your thoughts on C-corporations now? A lot has changed since I first wrote that book. Your financial situation is different than mine, and my strategies are different than yours. The real reason I write is because I could see this economic crisis coming.

I was saying that in Then, ten years later, in , the markets came crashing down. Savers became losers. Your house was not an asset. And the rich got richer. But most people do not do what I do, but they can do parts of what I do.

You know, Einstein said it best. Most people are using obsolete information. All the rules have changed. If you look at my predictions, my predictions have come true, but I am ahead of this.

When I said your house is not an asset, I got crucified. Then ten years later, the housing market collapses. Americans were already so far in bad debt as a nation, how can spending on borrowed consumables that fill the landfills help? What were your thoughts on the lead up to that with the interest rates and how that played with the market on people getting too much bad debt? First of all, the Federal Reserve Bank is not federal, has no reserves, is not U.

Greenspan works for the richest guys on earth, so he was trying to save the wealth of the rich. What happened was — I forget the exact date — in the s there was a thing called a repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, which allowed banks to lend more and more money out, the big banks only. And so, when they got in trouble, Greenspan had to keep the interest rates low so the banks could get their money back.

I would like to see that system questioned. So, some of the systems here in America are so much more sophisticated, but then you question those choices on interest rates.

There are no reserves. And, it controls the world economy, or attempts to. But the good news is the rich will get richer. But you have to be rich. What do you think the impact is if our political leaders air all the dirty laundry out to the world like happened with the government shutdown last year? How do you think that impacts the markets? It was endorsed by Mark Zuckerberg to read. I just read it. Their expiration date is over. I write up on all this in my latest book. You see, I plan on getting richer when this whole thing crashes down.

You should listen to yourself. Great interviews and discussion points. Thank-you for sharing; it is great work. This little enterprise came out just beautiful, it is a work of art and it was outrageous fun as well! I love your autobiographical musings on the website; your interviews are rich. I loved the questions Gabrielle Reilly asked and would love to read anything she has to print Gabrielle is one of the most interesting and dynamic people I have come across for a long time, we should all stand aside and listen to HER stories.

A fan Kelly Le Brock. I hope your global readers enjoy the interview. In light of the challenges we face in , it seems just as relevant as it was when it was published early last year. The best interviewers are the ones who make you think, and Gabrielle does just that! Thanks for having me on The Global Townhall.


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