Motaur Optional AES encryption will add strong data encryption to customize networks to the most demanding corporate requirements. The series is a satellite router designed for easy deployment, integrating a satellite modem, IP router, TCP acceleration and advanced QoS and prioritization capabilities. Supporting a wide variety of the most advanced turbo product codes TPC FECs, the series provides more flexibility for network design and optimization. Intellectual Property all rights reserved.

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All rights reserved. This manual may not be reproduced, in part or in whole, without the permission of iDirect, Inc. The specifications and information regarding the products in this manual are subject to change without notice. All statements, information, and recommendations in this manual are believed to be accurate, but are presented without warranty of any kind, express, or implied.

Page 3: Table Of Contents 8. Page 4 B. Page 8 Installation and Commissioning Guide, Release 7. Page 10 Installation and Commissioning Guide, Release 7. Plug the other end of the cable into the Console port of the iDirect Satellite Router. Power Up your Satellite Router. Page 13 Satellite Router, reexamine your settings to be certain that they are correct.

You can access the iDirect application running on the Satellite Router by telneting to it from Linux. To find out the IP address of the Satellite router, complete the following procedure. Launch the status dialog box for your Local Area Connection object by double- clicking on the icon. The dialog box should look similar to the one displayed below. Page 17 Click the Properties button. In the Local Area Connection Properties dialog box, select Internet Protocol in the scroll-down box, and then click the Properties button.

Newer laptops or PCs will adjust when you use a straight through cable, but older machines will not. Launch iSite. Page 23 Wait while the download progresses. You have successfully downloaded the package to your Satellite Router.


iDirect 5000 series Satellite Modem/Router


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