She teaches and writes in Kentucky, where she lives with her two children and her husband. Handcuffs is her first book for young readers. Read an Excerpt She runs out of the room crying. Let me start over. My mom runs out of the room crying. Um, let me start over.

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The only problem is, she just broke up with the boy in question and now shes realised that she made a huge mistake. Shes pretty sure hed still take her back, but what about the reason they broke up in the first place? He was getting way too pushy about the whole sex thing and Parker wanted to wait till he told her that he loved her before doing the deed. But now she wants him back so badly that she thinks shes willing to go all the way, and not just for him either; Parker Prescott is in love.

One day he shows up at her house when her family is out, and the hanky panky starts. Parker is grounded indefinitely, and so starts the beginning of all her problems. To make things worse, Parker realises that she has some very hot competition.

This launches Parker into a world of self-doubt and unrest. Will Parker sleep with her boyfriend to keep him, or will wait until she gets what she wants from him first? Parker is an ordinary girl.

I really love that the girl-next-door, the girl that no one thought would snag the most desirable and sought after boy in school, does. However, what I like about Parker Prescott the most, is that she could be me, or you, or the girl sitting next to you. This gives hope to all ordinary girls everywhere that they can do, and have, what they want too. Parker makes ordinary look extraordinary. Because everyone else wants to date her boyfriend, Parker is constantly questioning his motives.

Is there really a bet out on her virginity; is that the real reason why he wants to sleep with her. Is he sleeping with Kandace behind her back, as Marion wants her to believe? Parker lacks self-confidence, which is a big problem that a lot of teens face today. Parker never says it, nor do any of the other characters in the novel.

I really like this technique, as it allowed me to shape my own version of him. Because he is nameless, because there are very few physical descriptions given, readers can construct him in their own desirable terms.

I found myself questioning his movtives, as Parker did, but just like Parker, I was unable to hate him. Ultimately, I wanted him as much as she does. As the novel comes to a close, readers are exposed to the truth; I was biting my nails all the way till the end. Her characters are believable, raw, honest and absolutely engaging.

We look forward to more work from her in the future.


Handcuffs by Bethany Griffin


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